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Do you have dreams of one day becoming an inspiring journalist writing for a big newspaper and you are looking to gain some valuable experience? Well, you have come to the correct place.

avillafan.com is always on the lookout for new up and coming writers. Controversial or someone who just wants to add a fresh input on all things Aston Villa.

We are proud that we have helped several writers to go on to achieve bigger and better things with some gaining roles writing for Shoot, The Birmingham Mail and more recently one gained a role with the BBC.


We try and get our writers to write to a set day with their article going live the following day. This helps with structure so everyone knows where they stand.

We ask that every article has at least 400 words and try to limit it to around 1000.

All articles should be well thought out, state your source should you require one and be has interesting as possible. The more controversial you are – the more people want to read and discuss your article.


avillafan.com wants reliable and honest people who want to become apart of our team.

We appreciate that everyone has a life away from the website and the internet so if you can’t submit an article or no longer want/can write for us. Simply tell us.


To apply to write for avillafan.com simply fill out the form below. The more information you include, the more likely you are to be accepted.