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Covering The Cracks?


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Now I'd like to start off saying nobody is happier than I am with the departure of McLeish, and to also recognise that also the stats don't lie.

Going deeper in to thought, I just have this vision of us being seen to under perform again next season. The reason for this piece isn't to be negative and have a moan, far from it - but I look at our team and all I see is midtable mediocrity at best.

For me, Randy Lerner - when appoint McLeish - had some idea of this happening, now some may disagree... In terms of why would he want to lose fans etc. but he has brought the man in to reduce the wage bill A.K.A. done Lerner's dirty work - and duly succeeded. Now I doubt Lerner had the intention to flirt with the relegation zone so much, but it does beg the question whether the plan was to get McLeish on board was for one season only. Either way he either got us up the table - which never looked like happening - or departed this way and having been called a failure for being an ex-blue.

Basically, like or loath the man - McLeish was brought in, and has been the scapegoat, in my opinion. As many on the board will know I'm far from pro-McLeish!

Looking at the bigger picture of Aston Villa, I just hope this time they have a target in mind, with a type of football in mind. As with the last appointment, they must have identified 5 different targets, each with a different style of football - pointing to only one thing. They had no ideas in mind - apart from employing a manger - regardless of what style they would impose (which for me, was utter stupidity, and as it has proven almost deadly)

I personally feel, not particularly most members on here, but Villa fans as a whole are setting targets too high. We need to look at our team and say just for the near future at least - "No, maybe we aren't good enough for Europe yet - lets aim for a midtable finish first" because many times this season Villa Park has got on the players backs too much. Yes, we have played atrocious at times, but other times the fans have been too quick to boo, for example 1-0 up against Stoke, nervy times and just when we needed to keep the ball we did - then the fans start booing and we go for a second and concede.

Anyway, as I say - less of the negativitiy and onwards and upwards.

Let's all enjoy the Euros, and come back to win the Premiership next year.

In Di-Canio we trust!

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