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Birthday Thread

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lets hope you get a prezzie off the Villa in the form of progressing to the quarter finals!!

just messing anyway mate,..im sure the lad will have his head screwed on unlike some lads nowadays...he can move up to scotland once we get independance if he cant find work as their will be real jobs

Happy birthday to me, it's the big 50 today. Had my breakfast in bed and in a while i'm heading to a favorite spot. There is a large sand dune ( about 50ft high ) where Shell bay and Studland beach me

Guest Morpheus

Happy birthday morph you old crow - looking well for a man approaching 60 :)

Thanks mate.

Had an awfully nice message from my former secondary school P.E. teacher who informed me that I must be approaching twenty by now?

Its just as well neither of us can count. :blink:

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Guest Morpheus

happy birthday morph

Thanks D.

I had a wonderful day spent with a picnic on Newcastle beach and tonight watching a movie in the flicks.

One year older and still none the wiser he, he.

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