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Erin Go Bragh!!!

Colonel Dimitri

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here's the question cnut would you shag gail platt(corrie) or sonia jackson(eastenders)???

don't know who sonia off eastenders is.

but i'd find it hard to do gail platt.i'd rather do the bloke in it who dressed like a chick.

he looked better in a dress than her!!!!!

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fair play it take a very sick man to shag that, but is it just me but yon monica burd from shameless(frank gallachers ex) id love to shag that she went all lesbo for a while she was muffing a big black burd in it she must be about in her late 40s

i see where you're coming from,so i'll put my goggles on :sp_drool2:

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in fact who can post a pic of monica from shameless? she once donne a quick frontal nude scene in it for a minute she was all hanging south with a near bald fanny but i can look past a bit of sag n wrinkle she's pure filth

i thought i was a perv.

would'nt mind seeing that nude scene though,don't mind a bit of saggy older bird.

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wait till you have a mrs & squirt a couple of kids out of her she has a few creases & folds & a fatter arse also a hole like a clowns pocket yummmmy


i really have a boner when that geordie bird off loose women's on.can't remember her name but she's married to a short fat geordie actor.

she's been caught screwing around and doing coke.i bet she's a real dirty cow and you just know she'd be up for anything just like me :thumbsup:

i'd love to bend her over :dance:

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