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Erin Go Bragh!!!

Colonel Dimitri

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Could have been mate ! :lol: But still i wouldn't drive around Scotland with a sticker like that on as would expect a good slap

the huns went through a wee spell a few yrs ago of wearing english tops it was the latest craze id ask them why? was ''WERE BRITUSH'' lol jocks with english tops on c'mon wacko it does seem strange the sad thing is they couldnt care less its because they are jealous of our identity & heritage because they have a rascist identity & our policy amplifies that which they hate they do EVERYTHING thats the complete opposite of which we do lol



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I only dislike England due to all these big name players and how they always automatic picks. Ireland as underdogs always give it 110percent. Some of these english players could learn a thing or two

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yep,top bloke.

i don't mind sweden that much it's just they're going and not us.

cheered when they finished 3rd in 1994 world cup and like henrick myself as he's a really genuine guy.

does a hell of a lot for his home community as well.

he'll end up at celtic in some capacity for sure though as it's his real love.

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