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Villa Chants

The Aston Villan

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thats ok mate if you look at the top of the Holte End it has 3 sections above and there you will see a topic headed Villa Chants

As for the Chants for me it doesnt sound as good as the one that has started to get going in the Holte End

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Theres only one Emile Heskey, One Emile Heskey

He used to be shite, but now hes alrite,

Walking in a Heskey wonderland..


"Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second." - Paul Bryant

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Thers only one Emille Heskey

One Emille heskey

He played for the shite

But now hes alright

walking in a Heskey wonderland


Championeeeeee Championeeeee Olee Oleee Oleeeee

You need people like me so people like you can point your fcuking fingers and say there's the bad guy

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To the tune of Torres' song:

We bought the lad from Wigan, Heskey, Heskey,

He plays for England and he's mint, Heskey, Heskey

He plays up front with John Carew,

He loves to make the team a brew,

Aston Villa's number 18.

sounds to much like Cuellar Cuellar that one but great effort

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