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Villa Chants

The Aston Villan

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i already have a tattoo 2 years ago saying, birmingham born, villa by the grace of god. instead of singing the boring song of ashley young ashley young ashley young, how about the old andy gray one being, when he came and signed for the villa, this is the song that we sung, you can go and poke ron-al-do, we wanted our ashley young, ooh ashley ooh ASHLEY your the greatest the holte end say, ooh ashley ooh ashley we"ll be with you all the way.

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Randy Learner he came to save us,

Working hard to get things done,

Its the start of Villa's new beginning,

Time for winning - and having fun....

Come celebrate our victory tonight...

We will watch that winning goal,

One the giant screen again

And sing till morning time..


"Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second." - Paul Bryant

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a james Milners tune i made up nicking off the scouse fans

His shirt proved he was a villain,

Milner! Milner!

Thats what the Holte End said,

Milner! Milner!

We bought the lad from Newcastle,

He gets the ball with no hastle,

James Milner!

Villas Number 8!

Na Na Na Na

Not a bad attepmt i dont think

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