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Villa Chants

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i was sitting at te man city game singing Paul McGrath My Lord and it hit me.

when liverpool come down on the weekend a verse of

on the dole my lord/on the dole

may go down well.

Haha now that I would like to hear .Theres loads you could do with that one Wheres my shoes you scouse wheres my shoes

"This is not possible. What McGrath is doing is just not possible with the amount of preparation that he's had."

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If you manage to get the brain dead unimaginative lot at the back of the Holte to sing anything new id be impressed, other teams come up with new stuff all the time all our lot do is sing a song that names players from 20 years ago

you are so right with that ....and it cant be that hard can it

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well they would throw them away as paper areoplanes ....i have had a sorta idea and that is speaking to someone at Villa news and record and see wether they would print any in the program as a new feature no one is gonna throw a program away are they

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Find out which pubs they all go to, infiltrate the group, then start introducing the new songs lol

I just dont know what has happened to the Holte over the last, probably 10 years, they cant even come up with decent songs for new players, John Carew excepted, the worst of all was possibly the continual shouting of "lee lee lee lee..." for Hendrie just how crap was that?

Loved it back in the day when we kicked off "my old man" but disappointed we havent changed it with the times, also "boom boom boom" for Savo & "Paul MacGrath my lord" the greatest airing of which was at Wembley in 94

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