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i think i unserstand the comments made else where but i dont know if i agree with them.

i dont think Stu and others were saying "you were either A) at the game or B) a disgrace". i think the point was that people who just go to the so called big games maybe have a different deffinition of support to others. to an extent i agree.

that said, i have to agree with Northstanders origional comments. there are many people who love villa and bleed clarret and blue but simply cant get to every game. Along with what i do on the radio I've had to tae on a 40hour a week job that invludes working every other weekend and some evenings in the week. it really limits the amount i can get to VP right now but I'm no less passionate about the club.

the more success we see at villa the more people will turn up at the games and i feel sure we'll hear the odd corus of "i was here when we were ****" but, for me, a villa fan is a villa fan, be that a die hard season ticket holder who hasn't missed a game in 30 years or a johnny-come-lately. we are villa.

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i think people take things way too personally on this site.

i didnt go the QPR game, iv just had to fork out 400 quid to pay insurance excess so wasnt able to afford it. Doesnt mean im a crap fan or anything like that, and also doesnt mean i love the Villa less than anyone else on this.

We all have moods where we want to argue with everything, iv been the same on this site on certain days, but too many people just take things too personally more often than not.

I think its great us arguing rather than boring yes no posts, but thats just me.

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