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On 3/22/2021 at 7:30 PM, avstu said:

Regardless is was naive by Cash to dive in.

Few players need to start stepping up - Gary Neville said the difference between the two sides were 2-3 quality players in the attacking positions. I disagree. The difference was their experienced players stood up despite under performing. Ours didnt especially in the final third.

In all fairness to Cash he slid to block a cross and his trailing leg caught Kane who positioned himself to take a hit.

Kane earlier in the game rolled around screaming from a tackle and when the replay showed the incident there was no contact. 

I find it hard to accept how this goes unnoticed and all the pundits just blow smoke up his ass.


sounds harsh but it’s a-shame that his little effort there against cash didn’t put him on the side lines for a few weeks.

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Good to see you back &posting again Irish Villan.

I dont think AEL Trez or Traore are the answer all 3 blow hot and cold more cold than hot and look at their cross,s 

I've said it before but Watkins needs help look at the England goal on his debut congrats to Ollie on his debut and goal,look at the goals he scored at Brentford working with that  miserable sod who went to Brighton and him who went to West Ham,with better players alongside he will score more--Captain Jack being a shining example .






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