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What actually changed with Douglas Luiz? Since the PL restart last season he's looked like a different player, far more confident on the ball and much more accomplished. I have wrote a scout report on him where i talk through his style of play etc and show you some interesting graphics on him. Am i allowed to post the link here, or is it classed as "spamming"?

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On 2/2/2021 at 12:56 PM, BetweenTheLines said:

Not gotten a reply so I'm just gonna go ahead and post it...my intentions aren't to "spam". I'm just sharing this so you can see just how good he is!


I have no issue with you posting your link.


In fact, our very own John Townley has played him plenty of praise in his article here: http://www.avillafan.com/32887/douglas-luiz-the-key-cog-making-aston-villas-midfield-tick/


"Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second." - Paul Bryant

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I think Douglas Luiz was one of our best players following the first lockdown to around Christmas time. Since then his form has dropped back again and he struggles to get involved in games. 

I'm not sure what has caused his dip in form but hopefully its only temporary as we are a much better team with him on form. 



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