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3 hours ago, avstu said:

Based on what we just saw, I would say the answer is no. Once again a side with a high intensity press, destroyed us and on another day may have had more.

Yes, we looked a better side for the final 30 minutes and had Trezeguet took one of his chances it may have been a different result but we need to find a way to play against these sides.

Once again, our midfield were found wanting and the defence looked all out of sorts, hanging onto the ball too long so the high press caused them to make mistakes. I suggested after the Leeds game that I would have bulked the midfield out with legs, and if that means dropping the likes of Barkley then so be it. Its a squad game and having the legs of Hourihane or Nakamba may have helped today.

Yes we won our first four games but we need to get past that now and look to see where we can win our next.

Couldn't agree more. Smith seems very naive in his approach sometimes and there are times we need to be a bit more pragmatic and not play into the hands of the likes of Leeds and Southampton.

The one player who Smith did drop was probably one of the last players I would have left out and while far too early to judge Traore really doesn't feel me with confidence. 

McGinn and Barkley were really poor and I can't understand why at the very least Smith wont make subs, Hourihane was bang in form before dropped and has something to offer from the bench. 

Watkins has seemed way off the pace since the Liverpool game but much like last season no plan b when we were utterly dependent on Wesley though like Hourihane in midfield I would have brought Davis on at least to have given defenders something different to think about in the last 2 matches. 

We can at least take some positives from our second half and I'm just expressing pure frustration as I really like Smith but he really needs to learn how to adapt and use his bench more effectively. 

The way we play seems to be still far too dependent on Grealish when I had hoped with the likes of Barkley we could free him up and take some of the pressure off him. He can't continually do it on his own for us. 

"This is not possible. What McGrath is doing is just not possible with the amount of preparation that he's had."

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EPL (Premier League), Sunday 01/11/2020 : Aston Villa 3-4 Southampton

After this result AVFC's total Form Points fell from 91 to 76 ... that is, points after 38 games.
The maximum available fell from 111 to 108 points, with 96 points left to play for.
AVFC are above par and 8th in the table, with 12 points and GD at +6 from 6 games.

02/11/2020 : I have had to wait for the last of the games this weekend (Leeds United 1-4 Leicester City) to see what position AVFC would occupy in the EPL. Anyone can beat anyone ... we beat Leicester, Leeds beat us, Leicester beat Leeds.


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