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  1. 1. Will Villa survive

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Simple really, Will Villa stay up this season when the season kicks off?


"Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second." - Paul Bryant

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04/06/2020 : I certainly hope AVFC stay up, it initially depends on the re-arranged game against the Blades. If the games resume as planned, from June 17th onwards, then it is imperative that AVFC win that game. We have 25 points and the teams above us have 27 points, so only a win will get us out of the bottom three with 28 points. If that happens then we will be in no danger of relegation should the Season be halted after 29 games played.

These are our remaining EPL fixtures, showing their original dates :

Sat 29/02/2020 : Aston Villa v Sheffield United (Sat 29/02/2020)

Sat 14/03/2020 : Aston Villa v Chelsea - SKY 17:30 hours (Sat 14/03/2020)
Sat 21/03/2020 : Newcastle United v Aston Villa

Sat 04/04/2020 : Aston Villa v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Sat 11/04/2020 : Liverpool v Aston Villa
Sat 18/04/2020 : Aston Villa v Manchester United
Sat 25/04/2020 : Aston Villa v Crystal Palace

Sat 02/05/2020 : Everton v Aston Villa
Sat 09/05/2020 : Aston Villa v Arsenal
Sun 17/05/2020 : West Ham United v Aston Villa



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I've gone for a yes but more out of optimism and bias than any real conviction.

Hopefully the 3 months away from the heat of battle will have not only seen McGinn regain fitness but Samatta get settled and our defenders and coaches come up with an answer to the constant costly errors.

Maybe playing behind closed doors will reduce some of the pressure that leads to so many of those self inflicted dropped bollocks.

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I'm optimistic. With the break we've had, a game in hand and McGinn back, it's in our own hands. Deeney won't play for Watford - everyone knows how influential he is for them. Bournemouth have had a few positive covid tests. Norwich have looked poor all season, Wet Spam and Brighton not much better. 



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I have been asked this question on my Rangers forum; English Footy News there is like our Scottish Football thread here.

My reply (or non-reply, really !) :

Going into July, AVFC's total Form Points are 32 ... that is, points after 38 games.
The maximum available is now 45 points, with 18 points left to play for.
AVFC are below par and 19th in the table, with 27 points and GD at -24 from 32 games.
Edit 03/07/2020 : AVFC up to 18th after all teams had played 32 matches.

Below are AVFC's remaining games and my guess as to how many points AVFC may get per game.
The total is 8 points, which would total 35 and may not be enough to stay up.

July 2020
Sun 05/07/2020 : 0 : Liverpool v Aston Villa, 16:30
Thu 09/07/2020 : 0 : Aston Villa v Manchester United, 20:15
Sun 12/07/2020 : 3 : Aston Villa v Crystal Palace, 14:15
Wed 15/07/2020 : 1 : Everton v Aston Villa, 20:00
Sat 18/07/2020 : 1 : Aston Villa v Arsenal, 15:00
Sun 26/07/2020 : 3 : West Ham United v Aston Villa, 15:00

Looking at the table, Southampton look safe and Norwich gone, even with 6 games to play.
Of the remaining five teams, as of now it is too tight to tell who will go down.

EPL bottom seven teams as at 02/07/2020
14 Southampton    32    12     4     16     41     55     -14     40     
15 Brighton       32     7    12     13     34     44     -10     33     
16 West Ham       32     8     6     18     38     56     -18     30     
17 Watford        32     6    10     16     29     49     -20     28     
18 Aston Villa    32     7     6     19     36     60     -24     27     
19 Bournemouth    32     7     6     19     30     54     -24     27     
20 Norwich City   32     5     6     21     25     60     -35     21     
Last updated: July 2, 2020 2:15am


Edited by Larry-AV


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In all likelihood Norwich are gone and Brighton are almost safe, so 4 teams trying to avoid 2 spots. 

On paper Bournemouth's easiest game was last night against Newcastle, their 4-1 defeat does not bode well for them.

Again on paper, last night West Ham's hardest remaining game was against Chelsea, after that result and a kind run in I fancy them to now survive.

Which leaves Watford, a point ahead, slightly better goal difference and on paper ( again ) 3 games you'd expect them to lose, 1 ( Norwich ) you'd expect them to win and two you wouldn't want to call.

I expect us to have to win 3 to have a chance of staying up and I don't think we have the ability or fight to do it.

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Norwich at Watford tonight---be great if they come away with 3 points --but i cant see it,

West Ham host Burnley tomorrow--they have found a rich vein of form or so it seems---a win is all i see---and safety,!

Bournemouth host Spurs thursday---but i reckon they are on the way down---

i agree with Dorset in that 3 wins might keep us up---but since the return weve notched up the princely sum of 2 goals  scored by defenders and 2 points from 15-----so its not looking very good!!!---

Man Utd-- would love 3 pts  ---can see 1 at the most,

Palace,--  can get 3

Everton--- only see 1 at the most

Arsenal--- only see 1 at the most,

West Ham-----a big big game---hopefully 3 ----but!!!



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