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We need a striker!!!

We have nothing up front at the mo, no good talkign about all the amazing midfielders we can sign if we havn't got anyone up front to score!!!

We need a 25 goal a season striker!

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MON admited today that

Villa must seel to buy. .

Sorry if already linked or a repeat topic. I'm new here!

"You've got to be comfortable in your own skin as a club," he says. "You know, I think back to the final in February. Manchester United are a huge club, a one-off, for all sorts of historical reasons. But I wasn't sitting at Wembley, looking at United and thinking: 'I wish we were them.' I'd rather celebrate the things we've got that they don't. I looked along at our end of Wembley and it was rammed: scarves, banners, non-stop singing, absolutely behind the team. And this wasn't a little club out on a jolly. It was 10 years since we'd been there and it felt like our supporters were dusting themselves down and saying: 'Yes. That's us. We're the Villa.'" ~ Randy Lerner

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Lets say for example MON has the same amount of money to spend that he did so last summer - £50Million.

What positions would you be strenghening and what players would you be looking at bringing in at what price and why?

Try to be as realistic as you can.

torres and rooney? problem solved,I should be aston villa manager.


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