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i know, lol but they ent making europe and we should be jumping on these kinds of players as they will all move on to clubs in europe whether they be champions league or europa league, so if were not even in there he cant make any sort of decision.



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I would love Micah at Villa think he is quality born in brum as well. Think we should get Defour he gives us that attacking option. Downing would be a good buy even if borough dont go down he isnt going to want to stay there much longer. Hart maybe i think he could be better than guzan.

Aguero would be an amazing buy but i doubt he would come to us unfortunatly but him alongside Carew would be imense.

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Kim Kallstrom is a player i have seen a few times for club and country and ive never been dissapointed, knows where the goal is also, might like the sound of england as the next step in his career, lyon would at least want the 6m they payed for him 3 years ago.-

At last somebody who recognizes a good player who isnt a "star", I too am a fan of his, unfussy & reliable

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Micheal Bastos ---- £8mill can play lw, lm, lwb, rw, rm, and awesome at free kicks

Mario Gomez ------ £10mill ST been doing well in germany

Micheal Johnson -- £2.5mill

Daniel Sturridge -- £2.5mill

Defour ---------------£12mill

Abou Diaby ---------£5mill looked awesome against us scoring that cracking goal has alot of potential

Gareth Bale ---------£5mill

Fernando Navarro -£6mill Done well for sevilla this season

ok its £51mill but we could be getting £10mill for barry and hopefully heskey will go as well as harewood

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Thats a good list but im not sure about Bentley , has potential but to inconsistent but for competition id take him .


Unfortunately I just saw Olic is going to Bayern on a free transfer (what a steel)

Yes, he is inconsistent as you say but he could show some good games if he has a chance.

I agree for Olic - I just forgot about him. And yes - it is really unlucky for us that he is already at Bayern...

Many of you think that Joe Hart isn't good enough. May be now he isn't. But he will be someday! Until then I see Guzan as a first goalkeeper and Hart as second. Better than having a Grandpa who makes such mistakes and Guzan just rubbing the bench!!!

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Harewood will go? Nope youve asked for him back :)

ahah suckers :P

Darren Bent - Spurs

Joe Ledley - S*umdiff

Two players i think you should go for :) we are going to make a £7mill offer for Joe and its more than Stoke and another team have ment to of offerd :)




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I had to post this as I think the Author is not that far wrong. :lol:

Having watched our manager and tried to work out what goes on in that tiny mind of his, here is a more realistic list of players that I expect to see at Villa Park next year.

Some players who got their team relegated, so I expect some Middlesboro players

Stewart ‘got no pace’ Downing – I can hear our manger going on about how Downing is a current international, with good premiership pedigree. When the truth is that SD is so average and the thought of Mon saying I had to pay over the odds to get the right players so spent £16m on Downing is causing me to feel nausea.

Robert Huth – The very thought doesn't bare thinking about but it may just happen because we need maybe 2 centre halves and the only foreigners that we buy are those that have been rinsed out by other clubs.

Maybe some Sunderland players

Teemu Tianio – Never good enough but strangely enough Mon has always has a liking for this lame player. He also fits the bill in terms of a foreigner who has plied his trade in the UK, without success but his inabilities does not really matter. Tianio has been in the UK for 3 years and taken loads of money from whichever club he or his agent has been able to coerce into paying him tens of thousands of pounds a week, which makes him an ideal Villa signing.

Maybe some Wigan players, as Mon will suggest that as the Latics has made progress it is these players that has been pivotal in their progress.

Paul Scharner – I can't believe that we would even look anywhere near someone like him. Once again another who has been here and is acquainted with every last blade of grass so fits Mon's small minded thinking.

Some Blackburn players

Roque Santa Cruz? You are having a laugh

Benni Mcarthy? I doubt it but you never know

Jason Roberts? Now that is more like it – Mon would suggest he is a good foil for that other girl Emily 'can't tell which way the goal is' Heskey

What about James ‘ the Brazilian’ Beattie? I can already hear the sound of Mon suggesting he can play on his own and is a former international who has desires about playing in the world cup and so a hungry Beattie fits the bill perfectly. Can you imagine Beattie on the right, Heskey on the left and Carew in the middle? Imagine it, imagine for a moment ………………………………………….Sorry I just woke up and was having a nightmare!

Kevin Doyle – Who has shown that he is not even the best striker in the championship but has always been one of Mon favourites.

Or what about Doyle's really lame team mate? What’s his name? Dave ‘even worse than Marlon Harewood’ Kitson! Right up Mon tree! Cheap, lacking ability, can't score, has nothing in his locker but covers 150 miles in every game and can number every blade of grass. Actually that seems to be the criteria for most of the signings that Villa seem to make.

And lest I forget Rory 'got a trick' Delap – And Mon would probably suggest that he has a trick up his sleeve, so he signs him to bring something different to the team and then tells the fans that he is signing players who will bring the crowds back to Villa Park!!!!!!!

Mon will never sign anyone from Olbion not because Olbion are bad, they are but they play way too much football and like to pass the ball, which is not the O'Neil way!

And if we were to sign these players, I can just imagine the training session.

John Robertson to anyone of these, “When your back is to your opponents goal and you have a defender tightly marking you, what do you do?”

Players, “Kick the ball away from you as hard as you can?”

Robertson, “No, try again!”

Players, “Don’t know coach!”

Robertson, “You do a Cruyff! Any one of you millionaire footballers know what a Cruyff is?”

With on voices all the players shout, “Is it a dog show, coach?”

O’Neil, “Yes, well done, good show chaps! No get yourself reacquainted with every last blade of grass!”

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