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I can understand international friendlies during the season, how else would the player get a chance to play together.

They would get maybe 3/4 days training and then a competitive match without friendlies. Also how else would squad players get a chance to show what they can do.

Despite the criticism they get, i think these friendlies play a big role in international football. I know England havnt done much for 'a while', but without these friendlies we would see 11 unfamiliar faces running round not knowing how each other play.

Only way around this would be to field an entire team from one club, which is hardly going to happen considering most teams dont even have 11 English players in their whole club including academies.

I disagree.

Ok yes, friendlys are a great way of getting players to know each other and play with each other (no dirty joke intended :P) but what good is having them join up for less than 3 days inbetween domestic weekends?

The timing is stupid, why can't they plan a friendly around a longer break for clubs, would make much more sense.

I saw MON said he hopes Capello uses the Villa players sparingly and all managers must be thinking this about their players a when it comes to a friendly.

Also you say that its the only way players will get to know each other before a competitive match but the England squad is constantly changing due to competition for places, there is a high chance that the squad could be quite different come the next competitive match.

I just think friendlys like these (for all nations) are a waste and an un-needed hassle to all clubs.



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Yeah they could arrange a 1-2 week break in between the season for International friendlies.

Milner, Gabby, Barry and Heskey are rumoured to be in the starting line up.


"Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second." - Paul Bryant

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Wouldnt you have more of a chance of losing players through injury if they were there for 1-2 weeks during the season.

Also the squad is generally the same whether the team isnt, so they will be playing together during training for those 3 days which will make a whole differance is you consider not getting the international team together at all except for competitive matches.

Domestic clubs have a pre-season where they play friendlies to help the lads settle in again, and help the new players get used to the new setup. Well these friendlies are similar to the domestic ones in my opinion. Think how long it takes certain people to adapt to a new squad and surroundings etc, well itl be the same for international football. Could you imagine if non of our team had a preseason and just starting playing again the day before a game. It wouldnt work, so these get togethers only help the national team.

Also the players have just as much a chance of getting injured in the national squad as they do in the domestic squad. Yet no one constantly worries of not playing a certain player incase he gets injured domecticlally.

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Downing had a decent game in Germany, so would have been harsh to drop him when he did a good job.

ITV are shocking, all we heard was the Spains fans cheering, all we could see was Fernando Torres. Finaling saw what happened 5minutes after the incident.

'A Villa dominated England team are behind...' - That really p*ssed me off, would anyone ever say that when the team had the likes of Scholes, Neville x2, Beckham, Butt, Andy Cole etc. Not a chance, but now because lowely Villa have a few players in there...

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