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Time for change ?

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On 3/12/2020 at 12:00 PM, dorset lion said:

I also think a lot of these players show promise and that there are similarities to the last time we went down but several of those players are now doing well elsewhere which is why I think patience is required.

As for the released players, who was worth keeping ? I think we had to do what we did and decided to take a punt with an eye on being in a strong position to come straight back up should the worst happen this season.

Ultimately a manager is only as good as his players, we wouldn't be talking about selection or tactics but for a multitude of individual errors that a manager can do nothing about, other than sign a better player and that takes time.

I've made a similar point on numerous occasions, if we keep sacking "clueless" managers we are likely to be having this same conversation in 2030.

but the same could be said, if we keep signing players riddled with errors.....we will never rebuild.....No the answer is the people who appoint them need to sharpen up and stop dropping clangers....and show evidence that they know what to look for.

The manager is responsible for the signings, if he is allowing others to force players on him, more fool him.

We have to face up to things......If the required standard is not being achieved with anyone, they have to go. and furthermore if there are no signs of improvement, even more so.

If a table maid in the corporate, keeps dropping plates and cutlery, would she be given time?

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Its my big worry but i read something today that made me realise that maybe I am being a little harsh. Its our first year back in the Premier League and if we average around 1 point a game, we sh

I am not totally sold on Dean as manager, nice guy, but maybe a bit affable for me.....but he needs more time, However, I think 4-3-3 with our squad has been naive, 3-4-3 looks a bit better. Howe

Welcome to the forum Rocky. Fully agree with your post...I hate sacking managers, it does take time and I also have major doubts about Dean's suitability but really hope he proves us wrong.

4 hours ago, markymark said:

Aston Villa chiefs ‘in talks on Saturday night’ to sack Dean Smith



Its from Football Insider. Be surprised if there is anything in it. 

I did suggest the other day having someone coming in on a short term basis in an advisory role to Smith. Otherwise I don't see how sacking Smith with 6 games to go helps. 


"Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second." - Paul Bryant

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I can but hope.

I don't think personally DS would accept the help and view it as undermining him.

I've heard mention that JT would replace him, which doesn't exactly enthrall me either.

I'am however, confident that if DS does remain in charge we will be relegated and i've thought that since January.  He is incapable of fielding a formation or tactics which are effective and his substitutions never seem to come off and make a positive impact on the game.

With 18 points to play for and only one point from safety I personally would be sending a taxi to collect 'Big Sam'.

"the team may be sh*t, but they are our sh*t" boldfinger

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17 minutes ago, Apollo said:

Now we have survived. Would you keep smith for next season?

Personally I thank DS for achieving something I thought impossible and that's keeping us in the premier League.  But I still don't believe he is the man to take us forward and see us in a similar situation next season if he was still in charge.  Exuberant scenes celebrating avoiding relegation, really is setting the bar low.

"the team may be sh*t, but they are our sh*t" boldfinger

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Already seen speculation that Bruno Lage (benfica) is set to take over.  And so it begins.  I do love all the speculation.

"the team may be sh*t, but they are our sh*t" boldfinger

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me personally would stick with D.S.---let him have a full season with whoever stays--and let him bring in who he wants,since the restart there has been a marked improvement  especially in defence--Konza and Luiz have been significant in survival---this was their first season in the top flight--the break seems to have done them all good-----but lack of firepower is obvious-----Davis is a decent squad member but lacks the attributes to be a regular,and Samatta,s lack of goals is a worry----as for Wesley its anyones guess,

anyway it feels good to have another season in the Premiership-----and i wonder when and how many of us will be able to return to Villa Park once more?






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