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14 hours ago, freddy said:

called in at shop this morning--have to say a little bit disappointed

---"Ultra fit" shirts £80 ??? Geeeez tried on a XL blimey was it a skin gripper--i know i,m of the old school  but just aint keen on this new fashion--in the end settled for a Regular fit £55 one---

 --no second nor third shirt and not much else either i preferred the old style shop  much much more choice ----i guess its early days so hopefully more items will be available---but Villa are sure missing a trick here --the shop was packed and i werent the only one left wanting.

Ben got mine yesterday Freddy


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19 hours ago, B6! said:

Ben got mine yesterday Freddy

Did you go for the "ultra fit "Gaz ? felt real nice material but too much of a hugger for me so i stayed traditional , the fleeces were ok might invest a little later on the dam vest tops were tight too! 



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Hearing a lot of mixed reviews regarding the kits. 

Some fans moaning about the kits falling apart already


"Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second." - Paul Bryant

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