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Please someone DEFEND what we are witnessing!!


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On 2/14/2019 at 10:01 PM, freddy said:

what well and truly boils my p****  is when folk say we the fans are partly to blame for our plight  and position !!!  WTF??

We aint on the pitch --we aint passing to the off field hoardings-, we aint shying out of tackles,we aint halfhearted, we dont lack passon pride purpose or commitment, we  we dont pick the team, we dont train them -in fact does anybody?  and we dont choose formation or tactics--

----but what we do do is travel all over this country following The Claret and Blue  costing vast amounts and precious time which we cant get back- and furthermore we LOVE OUR CLUB--and if thats a crime then so be it, if grown men who receive enormous grossly exaggerated wages cant take a bit of criticism ahh thats a crying shame--- then F.F.S. grow some!!

when i worked and when i played football if i fell short i got told in no uncertain terms---thats the way it should be thats the way it is in the real world!!!!!!

I hear you freddy, however, VP is a toxic place when things aint going right. too many get on the players back's FAR TOO QUICKLY!!!! we as fans are making it easy for opposition teams to come hear and cause havoc, break up play, press our first touches and force our lads into silly mistakes,, crowd get on their backs early on and its an uphill struggle.  we've all been there when we played, but how many of us played in front of 30+ thousand every home game??? there's not many players outside the premier league that face that every time they go to work, surely it has to have a negative effect on most lads?? just as much as it gives you a lift when the crowd are behind you. 

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Ignoring that little purple patch early in Smith's reign if we continue as we have since it has been relegation form and while I always preach patience I can't defend that, not with this squad.

Short of a sharp improvement Smith's position will be under discussion before the season ends, this past decade has been like Groundhog Day.

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Patience, patience is required.


Dean Smith will get it right and Villa will be the new Brentford. 

He is one of our own. 

"the team may be sh*t, but they are our sh*t" boldfinger

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