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We have far to many midfielders not putting a shift in . We need wingers to track back and people to work and press Ball ds has to put this right or we will get relegated

Purslow is well aware that he got some one in to buy the players. And it’s failed badly he should also be held accountable 

Smith isnt going anywhere. This side will fall apart before this board sack him. The Cup Final glosses over the non show this season. I said in the Southampton match chat that too many times

Despite a spirited Performance, we showed again why we have failed to come to terms with this league.

Man City, gave us a lesson, in how to chase the ball down and deny the opponent the opportunity to pass the ball, they reduced us to moments in the match, teams in this league smother you and deny you time and space to play....I don't think Dean has dealt with this very well.....In contrast we chase the ball down without the same efficiency or consistency, subsequently encouraging the opposition to play..the knock on effect is the defence is constantly under pressue, most of the time and subject to so many opportunities against us......we get reduced by most teams to just  "moments" in a game to score...and we, by our play  encourage them to steal the initiative.

There is a sharp contrast with this in the championship, but we haven't progressed with it or embraced it like Sheff Utd have.....its took too long for us to learn.

Its clear to me, by and large, the better the team, the better the efficiency at chasing the ball down.....we did it a bit better yesterday, as reflected in the score line.

It will be a hard run in.....I just hope Dean can find something from somewhere to get us over the line.

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27/07/2020 : This is my SS of Aston Villa Managers, updated to 2020.

Dean Smith's League Record standings have taken a big hit after Season 2019-2020, but his record is still better than most !
His figures reflect two ultimately successful seasons, but a promotion campaign followed by a battle against relegation would be bound to even out his figures.

Let us trust that his figures will improve again during the 2020-2021 Season. Q5dhogE.jpg


: AVFC-Managers-2006-2020.png

Edited by Larry-AV


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