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Man Utd In Disarray!!!


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I cannot recall the figures, but SSN had a financial expert on today {07/01/2014} regarding Man United.

He mentioned that the share price had gone down {30 % ?} and that turnover would fall if Man United failed to qualify for the 'Champions' League. This in turn would reduce their profits, most of which were used to pay interest on the debt mountain.

The debt was created by the Glazers when they bought Man United (aka Newton Heath).

20% is what Sky Sports News quoted.

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Nothing against Moyes but delighted to see them suffering a bit. Moyes is becoming increasingly irritating moaning about refs all the time though.

"This is not possible. What McGrath is doing is just not possible with the amount of preparation that he's had."

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Would love to see Man U do a Liverpool and see how much the attendance drops

Unlike Liverpool, utd have in the past 20 years increased their capacity by 50% to accommodate all the glory hunters. I don't think it will take long for the gates to drop a bit and as we at Villa know once you don't fill the ground with ST holders fans will pick and chose their games.

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If this continues then Fergie will be back in charge before the end of the season!

Its their worst run of form since 1992...and a certain Sir Alex Ferguson was managing them then. Makes you giggle!!!


"Look at the Holte End, listen to the Holte End"

Gary Mowbray BBC MOTD Aston Villa 1 - Chelsea 0

Saturday 15th March 2014


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