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Time To Rebuild...but How?!


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Now that I've had 24hrs to cool off, and stopped kicking the cat and tweeting anger and frustration it's time to come up with a plan. Many of us are beyond frustrated now and some are talking about not going to games anymore, me included. However not many of us can see a way out of it.

I intend to keep this simple....no need for 8 paragraphs of overly complex football speak.

If it was me I would:

1) Sack lambert now. He's lost the fans and I think the dressing room. I've no faith in what he'll do in transfer window either.

2) Bring back all loan players, especially Bent. He won't give Lambert 20% but a new Manager may wake him up (ducks for cover)

3) 2 new midfielders - loan or buy. We need to drop Westwood and KEA. A experienced proven winger and a central midfielder to partner Delph.

4) We start again, fresh with new ideas.

Let’s face it if we continue as we are it will end it tears, and I fear relegation.

I Hate to power phrase but I’ve always liked this one:

“Only a fool expects change but changes nothing”

Remind you of anyone??


"Look at the Holte End, listen to the Holte End"

Gary Mowbray BBC MOTD Aston Villa 1 - Chelsea 0

Saturday 15th March 2014


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