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F A Cup, Season 2013-2014


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All Want for Christmas is a tie at the sty oh a tie at the sty! oh a tie at the sty!
No sh*t,,,, I recon the two clubs, police, stewards, and basically anyone connected to the city's two teams are shitting bricks in case the two balls come out. Small Heath v Aston Villa F.A. Cup third round I can hear it now
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Here we go (from SSN) : Skysports - FA Cup third round draw

3rd Round draw, alpha sorted :

Arsenal v Tottenham
Aston Villa v Sheffield United
Barnsley v Hartlepool or Coventry
Birmingham v Bristol Rovers or Crawley
Blackburn v Manchester City
Bolton v Blackpool
Bournemouth v Fleetwood or Burton
Brighton v Reading
Bristol City v Watford
Charlton v Wrexham or Oxford Utd
Derby v Chelsea
Doncaster v Stevenage
Everton v QPR
Grimsby v Huddersfield
Ipswich v Preston
Kidderminster v Peterborough
Liverpool v Oldham or Mansfield
Macclesfield v Sheffield Wednesday
Manchester United v Swansea
Middlesbrough v Hull
Newcastle v Cardiff
Norwich v Fulham
Nottingham Forest v West Ham
Port Vale v Plymouth
Rochdale v Leeds
Southampton v Burnley
Southend v Millwall
Stoke v Leicester
Sunderland v Carlisle
West Brom v Crystal Palace
Wigan v MK Dons
Yeovil v Leyton Orient

Ties to be played on the weekend of January 4th / 5th, 2014


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This is all academic for us now, but I will take this Thread through to the Final.

FA Cup Third Round Matches and Results

Saturday 4th January 2014

Arsenal 2-0 Tottenham
Aston Villa 1-2 Sheff Utd
Barnsley 1-2 Coventry
Blackburn 1-1 Man City
Bolton 2-1 Blackpool
Bournemouth P-P Burton
Brighton 1-0 Reading
Bristol City 1-1 Watford
Charlton P-P Oxford Utd
Doncaster 2-3 Stevenage
Everton 4-0 QPR
Grimsby 2-3 Huddersfield
Ipswich 1-1 Preston
Kidderminster 0-0 Peterborough
Macclesfield 1-1 Sheff Wed
Middlesbrough 0-2 Hull
Newcastle 1-2 Cardiff
Norwich 1-1 Fulham
Rochdale 2-0 Leeds
Southampton 4-3 Burnley
Southend 4-1 Millwall
Stoke 2-1 Leicester
West Brom 0-2 Crystal Palace
Wigan 3-3 MK Dons
Yeovil 4-0 Leyton Orient

Sunday 5th January 2014

Nottm Forest 5-0 West Ham
Sunderland 3-1 Carlisle
Derby 0-2 Chelsea
Liverpool 2-0 Oldham
Port Vale 2-2 Plymouth
Man United 1-2 Swansea

Pending : all scores updated in this Post.

Wednesday 8th January 2014
FA Cup - Second Round (twice postponed by weather)

Crawley 1-2 Bristol Rovers


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walcott yesterday goin off on the stretcher yesterday was funny, roy keane though and his comment on spurs had me in stitches, he said typical spurs they never do anything do they lol

or somethin along those lines lol


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