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West Ham 0 Aston Villa 0


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The other way of looking at it is, yes we were sh*t today but west ham (a genuine mid-table team) could not beat us. We are nothing if we are not resilient .

A point that needs to be taken into consideration, was it not 26 odd games without a clean sheet?? we have now had 3 in 6 games. improvement. The performance was shite but with 4 first team player

Gabby epitomises Paul Lambert's stock answer : 'I can't fault them for effort'. No matter what, Gabby does and will continue to give his all for Aston Villa.

Just in. Incredibly dull game of football. Far too much hoofing - and not even effective.

Benteke looked like he couldn't have cared less, possibly because he got sod all in the way of supply. Sad day for Villa when a team without a striker seem much more likely to score.

Lowton had a good game on the whole and sent in some lovely balls. Man of the match for me.

just shows when we miss a few key players how it crippled us. With Delph and Gabby out we looked even more toothless.

agree with Lowton comment. He had a good game as did Vlaar.

KEA really was exposed today....poor showing.

really need to stop this hoff it up to the big man tactic, things happen when we use the wings but we seem to not want to...not even basic overlapping to either give a passing option or draw a defender away.

anyway onwards...some what dissapointingly to Cardiff home.


"Look at the Holte End, listen to the Holte End"

Gary Mowbray BBC MOTD Aston Villa 1 - Chelsea 0

Saturday 15th March 2014


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Seriously......We suck.....We are no better away from home as we are at home.... The win at Arsenil and the win against citeh were flukes......If you think otherwise your delusional.... We are a mediocre, bottom/midway table team...PL is not the mesiah...infact hes just a middle of the road manager....I say give him until the end of next season....then bye ,bye PL...

we didnt lose though. Never looked like winning but as far as I am concerned, I would be happy with a turd game and a point than a game we 'did well' in and lost 3 points. Its only November and we are still ok, better than last year. The goal drought is a worry but a point is a point and I will take em anyway they come.

If we sucked we would be on 5 points and in the relegation zone. As it stands we are boring as fook to watch at the moment but who knows what will happen. Have some faith as it could be very very very worse

some days you are the pigeon, some days you are the statue

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Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert said:

"On balance we had the best clear-cut chances, with Christian hitting the bar and Andreas going through.

"It was always going to be hard here and it was a difficult, physical game, but we competed brilliantly.

"Our counter-attacking is a threat and I'm delighted with the lads' attitude and I thought our resilience was excellent."

He is always so positive. Six hours and 15 minutes without a goal. Threat without a result. Next match, if Gabby is still out and Weimann too, Benteke-Helenius-Kozak up front, it will be our "tower of power". Eh.

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Whoever said Villa is a bottom to mid tier team is right. It's the league. It's the way they want it. 4 Clubs, all around London compete for silverware, the rest are cannon fodder.

They'd have to increase wages 4-5x to dream of competing. All said, still love Villa. Hope someday you guys figure out how to build a fair, competitive league.

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Like for like fixtures compared to last season, we're 7 points better off.. Better yet.. Our goal difference last season for the same games was -17, it's now -3... What exactly isn't better than last season?

we are crap now

boring to watch , home and away

no sign of a goal

road our luck so far this season

hence the 7 points better off/ goal difference syndrome

good away point today i supose , thats what matters

but prospects are bleak

hopefully PL will sort things out

and he is our manager for the next ten years

next 2 home games , sunderland and cardiff

win them , mid table , rosy garden

loose both, boos half and full time

lamberts fate will be sealed

goodnight PL


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