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West Ham 0 Aston Villa 0


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The other way of looking at it is, yes we were sh*t today but west ham (a genuine mid-table team) could not beat us. We are nothing if we are not resilient .

A point that needs to be taken into consideration, was it not 26 odd games without a clean sheet?? we have now had 3 in 6 games. improvement. The performance was shite but with 4 first team player

Gabby epitomises Paul Lambert's stock answer : 'I can't fault them for effort'. No matter what, Gabby does and will continue to give his all for Aston Villa.

Weimann is starting to get on my t*ts looks like that contract has got to him!

He needs to raise it or Lambert needs to drop him!!!!!!!

Weimann is PL's blue eyed boy.....sad to say, PL has his hero's ,just like MacTit did......PL needs to cast his net further into the squad,and give the players he spent money on in the summer.....Lets face it....PL splashed the cash and we haven't seen any of them yet...apart from sub's......Where and why was the money spent.......we haven't scored in 4 PL games....WTF ????

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when your up to your nuts in alligators...It's hard to concentrate and remember your initial task was to drain the swamp

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