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  1. 3 weeks today till I am another year closer to 30,,,,,
  2. Jim Jefferies does a good bit in his new special about all this. "Our fight is not with Islam, our fight is with religion". "You've never seen an atheist cut a mans head off screaming IN THE NAME OF NOTHINGGGGGGGGGGGG"
  3. America is fucked, England is in chaos. Then theres Canada. Our PM is leading pride parades. The bloke to the right with the Pride Canada flag is a recent syrian refugee brought over by Trudeau.
  4. If we make it out of group we go into a final group of 6. Top 3 qualify for WC and the 4th place goes to a play off against Oceanic generally New Zealand and we should just be aiming for that 4th spot. Though with some of the "weaker" teams pulling some upsets alot of the usual powerhouse teams in Concacaf could be missing out. USA lost 2-0 to Guatemala Friday night and currently sit outside a qualifying spot. Honduras who have done well in the past are struggling this go round
  5. Absolutely. We havent been since 1986 and who knows when we'd qualify again. Though I'd prefer Russia over Qatar simply because of the weather
  6. Canada missed to open goals in the first 20 minutes which could have put us 2-0 up over Mexico. They would go on to beat us 3-0. But I tell you what for a good portion of that match you'd never know there was something like 50-60 world ranks between us. Other result in the group went our way in the form of a draw so we stay in 2nd on 4 points and 3rd has 2 points. We have to go to Mexico on Tuesday so I expect us to lose again but a draw would be nice. If they other 2 can draw again we will stay in 2nd by at least a point and we have done well against them (them being Honduras and El Salv
  7. Mate those houses are pretty standard size around here lol with resonable prices. Those be about 175k pounds
  8. We are for sure not congested like how you are in England. Even in the "congested" parts of this town youll only see 5/6 houses from your window across from you. We live on the edge of the city though. Kind of like the Sutton Coldfield but not nearly as expensive haha. View out the front in the summer. All white and cold and sh*t now!
  9. Thankfully not. But I live on a small street with only 6 houses so yeah
  10. We're getting there mate. If we can get through this round of qualifying we have a chance. Our chances though really rest on what we do against Mexico we play them home and away in March I believe. If we can draw both those that would be great.... Or even sneak a win... but i doubt that. But if we through this qualifying we go to the final 6 qualifying. In this round robin the top 3 go to the World Cup. The 4th goes into a play off against Oceania where the highest ranked team is New Zealand at like 140. Our aim should be 4th as I doubt we;d get above that. Our last qualifier for 2014 w
  11. Update was done last week. We were given 85th
  12. Not sure what there is too rub in. I expected you to beat us by 3 or 4 and we nearly drew 0-0 with you. Even losing 1-0 was a good result for us. Considering we are 85th in the FIFA rankings lol
  13. Barely, 1-0 with a late late goal. Though both sides were missing key players
  14. If you don't think your team has higher caliber players than Canada you must be drunk
  15. You scrapped by us with a late winner..... YOur team with far more quality and international experience barely beat us..... What a great feeling it must be. Besides, only a meaningless friendly really lol.
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