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  1. I dont care who he picks or what formation he tries, its down to the players,as I have always said they dont give a monkeys for the club or the fans,Half where given new contracts end of last season, now look at them, Weimann new contract cant even hit the target never mind score. We must be mugs to pay and watch total crap. if the players thought more about the game instead of new poxy haircuts and bloody tatoos we might get somewhere. yes I am grumpy old man and watching the villa dont help. cant remember the last time they cheered me up, lets drop a div and get back to playing the bluenoses. Actually I feel better now thats off my chest.

  2. I find it amazing that so called professional players can't work out how to play a different game at home then you would at away games. I know most players are thick as planks so it should not be a surprise.it just shows how poor we when a player of ALbrightons very limited ability was the highlight of the day.And all the talk of new contract s in the situation we are in beggers belief.

  3. How do some fans know how Lerner thinks or what his opinions are when he never gives any interviews. we all think he is holding PL back in getting his magic project into gear. This team needs a massive overhaul with massive funds. I wouldnt trust PL with a twenty pound note never mind another £20m.

  4. How anyone can say sacking PL will not help the situation. How can it get worse. By not sacking him Lerner is condoning the ineptitude. I think its too late we going down with this lot. so sack him now and get Steve Clarke in.In all honestly could anyone do any worse. So there are plenty of people out there with more then enough ability then PL.

  5. Before the game I think PL was banking on the team that started out in the first half was capable of getting a draw, he was saving the three super subs for Sat game with Sunderland, which is a six pointer to us. But that all changed when the team gave a shocking display of basic defending. we are going to lose a lot more while playing like this. PL got out of jail last night he was a very lucky boy. The back four and midfield are terrible, and no way can you play two like for like forwards together.

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