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  1. Reckon Keinan well deserved that goal--should boost his confidence,good to see Wesley back in action, hopefully we will be a force in these last few games,===Am well glad we didnt loose this one, VTID----------------
  2. Hate to admit it but on recent form and with no Captain Jack I dont fancy this one ,what is it 7 points from a possible 27 ?speaks volumes. Come On You Lions VTID.
  3. freddy

    Missing Jack

    seemed happy enough talking to Southgate ____thats nine games missed i think_ a quarter of the season the injury seems endless a good job we got enough points to be "safe"___one thing for sure though the team is missing Jack__i wonder if he will play again this season< Roll on next season
  4. So one sided as usual against Citeh___thank f*** we have got enough points____roll on next season< VTID
  5. A Saturday 3.00 kick off and on sky!! No Jack -hope we show the same energy and effort as the final 15 minutes last Sunday. Come on You Lions, VTID
  6. Fully agree Stu---thought all 3 seemed to be going through the motions, El Ghazi,s passing is poor, ball seems half hit and rarely goes to a Villa player,Luiz seems slow and Sanson struggled throughout, McGinn is far more effective in an advanced role and seems to enjoy his game more, thees no doubt the 3 subs gave us energy more bite and in fact secured the 3 points,-----VTID
  7. what a mindblowing 9 minutes----fair play to Trez and Davis they did really win this one---together with Ramsay they brought much needed energy to a sloppy stale midfield, Trezageut,s finishing was excellent, Mings made up for his error,Davis brought strength and relieved the pressure from Ollie, good timely substitutions by Deano,-----------------well done all, VTID-----------
  8. No Jack----allegedly "pulled up in training yesterday" according to Sky ---make of it what you will !!
  9. if true that aint particularily good news Stu----will he be in the squad?-- one thing for sure the lad has sorely been missed and his return wouLd be just the tonic the rest of them need,---what did Paul Merson say----Aston Villa without Jack ,is like Aston without Villa, sorry to say but reckon he,s right,!!! VTID---- A glorious sunny day----would be great going today----what a dam shame----UTV
  10. Cheers Stu its no doubt a slow process but great to hear that Larry is on the mend,--
  11. I say stick with Deano,cant really add any more Stu Dublin and IV have summed it up nicely. Since the covid outbreak and Barkley,s apparent loss of form we have struggled but at least we will be in the premiership next season sensible investment in the summer namely quality support for Ollie should see a more definite top 6-8 challenge next season. VTID
  12. Good to see you back &posting again Irish Villan. I dont think AEL Trez or Traore are the answer all 3 blow hot and cold more cold than hot and look at their cross,s I've said it before but Watkins needs help look at the England goal on his debut congrats to Ollie on his debut and goal,look at the goals he scored at Brentford working with that miserable sod who went to Brighton and him who went to West Ham,with better players alongside he will score more--Captain Jack being a shining example . UTV
  13. My thoughts too Kane worked that decision,----anyway it didnt matter in the end----we were outplayed out gunned by a sluggish spurs side with far far more quality than us----and just look at the ones not playing---Bale Son Ali Winks,Vertongen and so on, i was disappointed with that display---spurs until the goal were there for the taking but we could,nt muster a shot until 58 minutes-!! some imo are already on the dam beach----what was that corner conceded by Traore?? and furthermore he needs some blinking heading practice, Trezugeot waves his arms and runs seemingly aimlessly about--Wat
  14. Thankfully Cash is back --but no Jack again---how serious is this injury?, a good chance for Ollie to shine,, am glad that Sanson starts--but others need to stand up to be counted, Come On You Lions---- VTID-----------
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