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  1. Great to see and hear a crowd back inside the stately old ground-----good display from all but in particular Nakemba and Targett,--and what a gesture by Deano to bring on the 2 lads,good that Jack lasted the full game-- well done all nice to see players and management applaud the lucky 10,000 at the end, the future is sure looking good-------roll on next season, VTID--
  2. VAR was handled by our old mate----Kevin Friend!! its no wonder Ollie didnt get a penalty--surprised he was,nt carded for "diving" wonder what would have happened it it had been Emi and Kane?? VTID
  3. Joe and me did,nt have to wait till next season-----VTID
  4. good performance great result could have been more---good to see the 2 kids "blooded" just a shame the one didnt go in off the post--both kids look very promising----credit to Deano for having faith in them, have to say we looked a different team with Captain Jack on the pitch--- well done all real nice to finish the away campaign with 3 points, VTID------
  5. Mings and Cash were definately missed-------an own goal really,and a "shirt sleeve" goal which according to Jamie Redknapp would not have been given last season ----But we went in front twice only to sit back, let Palace find another gear gain momentum and grab the points-----thankfully we are safe otherwise defeats like this would be real hard to swallow-- VTID.
  6. With no Ollie i expected a draw---in all honesty a fair result---must say i feared the worst when Mings and Emi collided their commitment only to be applauded---hope both are ok and Matty Cash too,-SJM is beginning to blossom again--and what a prospect young "JJ" Ramsay is--- real feel good factor to see Captain Jack back----- and great to see Emi equalling Brad Friedels clean sheet record, VTID---
  7. How come that ref who is from Manchester refs them 5 times this season --of which 4 are wins and one is drawn?? dont seem very impartial to me!!! VTID.
  8. Reckon you echo the thoughts of some 40,000+ Villa faithful Gazza !! should void this and the return fixture in future hand them the points--at least we would,nt risk unjust sendings off that cannot be appealed against!!! VTID----
  9. knew at 1-0 that we would loose----penaltys have been given this season for much less of a handball---"his hand was in a natural position"?? I,m sure Watkins was caught,by Henderson---did VAR even take a glance at it? why do we always give them a penalty ? yet again it was Luiz 4ft 8in and 6ft 12in Pogba!!!!!!! then again it was manchester utd!!!! VTID--------------
  10. Really reckon that we can get 3 points here, Come On You Lions--- VTID
  11. Reckon Keinan well deserved that goal--should boost his confidence,good to see Wesley back in action, hopefully we will be a force in these last few games,===Am well glad we didnt loose this one, VTID----------------
  12. Hate to admit it but on recent form and with no Captain Jack I dont fancy this one ,what is it 7 points from a possible 27 ?speaks volumes. Come On You Lions VTID.
  13. freddy

    Missing Jack

    seemed happy enough talking to Southgate ____thats nine games missed i think_ a quarter of the season the injury seems endless a good job we got enough points to be "safe"___one thing for sure though the team is missing Jack__i wonder if he will play again this season< Roll on next season
  14. So one sided as usual against Citeh___thank f*** we have got enough points____roll on next season< VTID
  15. A Saturday 3.00 kick off and on sky!! No Jack -hope we show the same energy and effort as the final 15 minutes last Sunday. Come on You Lions, VTID
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