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  1. ^^^ Aye man and Leeds too, for that matter--! i just can,t understand how awful we were in that second half---after such a good 42 minutes!!!---something just aint clicking!! it dont matter how much posession you have -----as ive always said its goals what matters. VTID
  2. Awful we made Spuds look great----thats now 4 defeats on the spin 3 at home v Cockney teams, 1 miserable goal for and 8 against---oh and the 4th Cockney team to do the double over us-----Deano got the bullet after 5 defeats, simply not good enough---does this team deserve the support that it gets?---is it just taken for granted? VTID
  3. Expected a lot more,reminded me of that awful 0-4 F.A. Cup Final against them first half sitting back and giving them too much space and respect,a tad better in 2nd half ---but it took 90+minutes for a first shot on target---this is the 4th Cockney team to do the double over us----and its blinking Spuds next at home!!! VTID-----------
  4. A big big improvement on the last game at Villa Park and our first win at home for 3 months!! all had good games, the back 5 looked solid,-----Coutiniho weaved his magic,Ings and Olly linked up well---great to see them both scoring, real good happy atmosphere, a virtually full Villa Park--a clean sheet, 4 splendid goals an unspoilt weekend----what more could we ask for?--well done all, nice to see Anne again,---- VTID--
  5. still can,t work the Cash substitution out---was he injured?was it tactical? did his yellow card come into play? can imagine what Sanson must be thinking,---surely he must start on Saturday,----as already said something seems dam wrong and it needs fixing real soon,! Roy out thought out planned S.G. to gain Watfords first win under his reign and first win since NOVEMBER with a team that cost a tiny fraction of ours,not good enough Stevee old lad not good enough you Boys in Claret and Blue--------------
  6. another 0-1 defeat, not good enough, in big danger of plummeting downwards towards the bottom 3, something seems wrong cant finger what but something is wrong!! VTID
  7. Newcastle wanted it----it would appear we did,nt!----yet another goal ruled out by a toe-nail!!a lethargic display all round,and so many undisciplined free kicks given away in the last 15 minutes, some thought they were still on the winter break by the way they played,changes are sure needed against Watford, i was a bit perplexed to see S.G. slumped back in his seat,was it frustration annoyance or run out of ideas,?--to me none of the 14 wearing the shirt today were worth anymore than 4 out of 10,
  8. Seemed like the season restarting---that winter break is ridiculous,they dont have it in the other 3 divisions, we look good going forward fully agree with Apollo----but cant seem to defend---or get the ball cleared when it should be,Both Mings and Konsa seem off the pace,the booking and then the sending off were both needless,apparently 2 games are now missed as its his second red this season,time for Hause or Chambers to cement a place,Coutiniho,s class,Ramsey,s finishing and Watkins,s running off the ball are quality add ,a bit more concentration at the back with less errors and a top
  9. a good win,,scoured Skegness to find a screen, Forest v Derby getting main billing, finally found one screen with 15 minutes gone, Buendia getting back to his best--for the size of him he has an amazing leap,- cannot fault Matty Cash for commitment, Digne is a real pro,and agree with Stu about the round of Mings bashing---he loves the club, and f*** me what player dont make the odd mistake,? disgusting behaviour by the Everton hooligans who threw full bottles was it pre-meditated? tops are removed when buying at Villa Park, coins and lighters, just a shame next game is blinkin
  10. poor first half and conceded 2 silly goals, that waist high lunging assault on Konsa was worth a booking but dont think 1 was given,just hope Ezra aint out for long,---big big improvement 2nd half,the introduction of Coutinho and Chucks sure made a difference,i read he aint too happy and still wont extend his contract!! must admit i,m surprised by that,--it felt more like a win thn a draw great atmosphere,well done all, on a side note we attended the unveiling of the wall commerating the 40th anniversary of the European Cup win,-with little stories from Allan Evans,Colin Gibson,Denis
  11. Dermot Gallagher says on Sky Sports that the goal was disallowed because,Ramsey "impacted" Cavani, this occoured right next to Oliver, so the poor lad missed it first time around despite being about 3 foot away!!! a visit to Specsavers methinks! ,2 offsides and 1 handball could not be proven, so that was VAR,S last desperate shot to refuse the goal-----farcical,!!!! i ask would so much trouble have been taken if it had been at the other end?
  12. reckon its not right that VAR is only used at Premier home games---should be all or nothing--- we was done again---with VAR just looking for a morsel to disallow Ings,s goal---not offside oh blimey what else can we look at? oh when Cavani ran into Ramsay,,that,ll do nicely the ruddy process took at least 4 minutes!! and what about Konsa getting downed with blood oozing down his face in their area---not a second glance-----pathetic---screwed yet again at Old Trafford!!!!
  13. Come on you Lions,----Villa can do this, but wonder what minute the obligatory home penalty will be given? VTID-----------------
  14. Great result well done all,another weekend not spoilt, VTID
  15. Villa Park seemed so different today---especially the pre-match warm up,---the boyz were worked much harder than before, Mings was immense played a captains game, Watkins revelled in his left side role ----and what a goal---- the new era has begun well, clean sheet 2 goals improved performance,well done all, was good to see Stevie G showing pride and passion in his area, a saturday night not spoilt--------MAGI,C
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