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  1. 2 loans, 2 quality players and a couple of out of contract would of done the job!
  2. On a positive note, we will be financially better with Lambert in charge :roll:
  3. What I will guarantee is fergie would make Villa Park much more of a fortress than Lambert has, our home form is pathetic! WBA have had restraints for years but they are normally strong at home.
  4. I believe in sticking with Lambert for the time being because of the current restraints at the club sacking him would be suicide, but in my eyes he is another Mon, he has no plan B and the most of the transfers look weak.
  5. I'm hoping Benteke and Vlaar will be fit for Arsenal, Learner has to show investment now we are crying out for a couple of quality players!
  6. You can't keep playing most of the game without the ball and expecting to win unless you have a couple of Messi's upfront! lol
  7. You'll understand when you've been through years of misery lol
  8. Hoof Hoof - seriously we are the worst team for holding onto the ball just keep on giving it back poor football.
  9. I'm hoping we don't lose but after watching us lately and I can't see anything else I honestly hope I'm wrong - for the first time this season I won't be going I need a break.
  10. Weimann can fuk right off, he has been dog sh*te all season new contract and nothing to show the fans!
  11. When you lose, you try to find positives - most of our home games this season I can't find much!
  12. Season ticket holder but I will not be going vs Swansea - I can't put myself through that rubbish any longer. I'm not going to say Learner is blameless with our current situation but Lambert seems clueless at the moment and other managers stroll to Villa Park knowing exactly how to play against us. The problem I have is removing Lambert who do you bring in that could do anything better, some of them players are not even close to Premiership standard.
  13. Guzan Lowton Clark Baker Luna Albrighton Delph El Ahamdi Gabby Kozak Weimann
  14. I thought Huddlestone had lost it at Spurs, but since he has had a run of games at Hull he has been really good, he would of been ideal for us :(
  15. Guzan Lowton Clark Baker Luna Albrighton Delph Westwood Bacuna Kozak Gabby
  16. saddest thing was sitting in the trinity watching all the fair weather fans coming to see Man Utd play! Paper tickets my lord, Paper tickets oooooh lord paper tickets lol.
  17. AK as it goes don't argue with idiots, they'll drag you down to their level.
  18. Playing like that I can't see any winnable fixtures lol
  19. QIA takeover was the biggest flop story only 2nd to Carlo Ancelotti.
  20. You should be a politician Skyba, because most of the time your information is inaccurate.
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