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  1. \ I really love this sport, my friend, but the realities made me figure out what is at variance with real sport. As for your buddy bookmaker, all people are different!
  2. You breathed confidence in my actions, thank you! And about football, I will always love stadiums full of energy, fans, sometimes beyond the limits of permissibility)! I will respect the players for their courage, for their professionalism, for the team game! But you need to be in a trend, so I go online!
  3. It is very pleasant that the answer came very soon! I started doing this a year ago, as I am moving in the direction of VR video, and I have been seeing a surge of users for a long time. Do you think a pandemic will affect the sport temporarily?
  4. My name Robbie Hi, my name is Robbie and I really like sports, any sports! Football is the most favorite type of competition! But lately I have moved away a bit from fan affairs, and started creating my own project on the Internet at e-sports betting. Esports is a promising area, more and more playing online. Now it is especially important to be online. So, I would like to ask you, fans of offline sports, what do you think about this? I will be glad to hear your answers, and am ready to discuss if there is a premise)!
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