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  1. Get shot of him and jt at the same time poison in the camp for me
  2. Well it’s clear that there are some issues. Here is what I beleive to be the issues jt is clearly not getting the defence to defend all season and he is still trying to implement his zonal marking and undermining dean smith . Why put jt in charge zero management experience and he is our defensive coach also Suso and pittarch have both gor very poor played in looked what Suso did in Valencia not good jt got Danny Drinkwater in and what a poor showing that is jt Suso and pittarch must go not dean smith . If we go down he has the proof he can get a team to play
  3. Sorry but I can’t agree jt is undermining dean smith. Jt got Danny Drinkwater in also pitchach and Suso have failed dean smith. . He has got players in based on money ball and they are not good enough. , get shot of jt by the way our defence coach that refuses to budge on zone marking that does not work. Also Suso and pitchach should go. . Dean smith will stay and rebuild us in championship with his players. . IMO
  4. Purslow is well aware that he got some one in to buy the players. And it’s failed badly he should also be held accountable
  5. Well how to sort this shite out been to the game today price tickets hotel fuel fine them. Fortnight wages p*ss poor and as for Ds and Jt enough enough. Also play the kids next week. And get the players to have a face to face meeting with. The fans. And explain why no effort no passion no desire no work rate. . Listen players you don’t deserve the supporters you have. Dean if you a fan please hand your notice in tomorrow morning. And give someone else a chance to get these lazy players playing
  6. We can win this. We need to graft as a team no Kane. There are not that good. Hard graft we can win
  7. We have far to many midfielders not putting a shift in . We need wingers to track back and people to work and press Ball ds has to put this right or we will get relegated
  8. Sadly Susso is very poor how can we have a coach who does not get the players he wants. . It gonna be very tough from here to the end of the season . I hope the owners change it what ever division we in next season it is not working
  9. I disagree. Ds does not but the players. Sisso does he has failed in his job to scout good talent ds. Is trying to get square pegs in round holes. . Our defence is the poorest in the division conceding 47 goals. Yet no one point the figure at our defensive coach me terry. . Really can’t blame it all on ds but agree he has a big part to play
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