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  1. I am not convinced we are signing players better than we already have. the odd one of course, but generally, not so sure. but i will be happy to be proved wrong.
  2. I am heartened by Deans reference to aggression and endorsed in an article written by Hause. I think it could be a turning point in our season, if we can add this to our game. We showed it in the legs against Leicester, particulary, the second halves. I think its a crucial addition to our game and hope we can be consistent with it.
  3. That was a real toughie....a 2 leg affair against a 3rd placed team. took some doing that. ps Davis was really encouraging......samatta, too early, for him, just needs match fitness.
  4. It will be an interesting tactical battle tonight, that could tell us much on this debate.
  5. I am not totally sold on Dean as manager, nice guy, but maybe a bit affable for me.....but he needs more time, However, I think 4-3-3 with our squad has been naive, 3-4-3 looks a bit better. However, I am not in favour of changing managers too often either, some sort of momentum needs to build, relationships need to gel and stability cannot be under estimated....I do hope he makes it. New players coming in are bound to help, if we sign the right ones.....Pepe Reina was an inspired signing IMO....and fingers crossed on Samatta. I think we need a powerful midfielder too, to help g
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