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  1. Great start at Home, but Wilson missed an easy chance, have to watch that......Ings scores a worldie and Ramsey playing with an edge to his game. John McGinn back to form. It was good to be back and the atmosphere was well missed, the players seemed to wallow in it. Focus on Brentford now and let the juggernaut roll.
  2. I think there are so many associated factors to consider it is difficult to predict. I guess until the progress of this pandemic unfolds in to clearer waters, we can only speculate. The state of the nation obviously comes first and only when we can establish that.....will football have a look in. I think your last line has so many financial implications, but it might come to that.
  3. I think there are many lines of thought on this and it depends on which one vexes us the most. I am not underplaying the serious lock down rules, but mixing with McCormack, who has nothing but contempt for the club, troubles me.
  4. There is not going to be a quick fix,granted, but the pace of that fix will be determined by our ability to sign good players......that does not mean cheap signings or expensive signings, it means good signings.....John Mcginn was a good signing, for the money, there is more than one four leaf clover in a field.....we have had periods in our time, when we was much better at it than this.... we must work harder and smarter, in finding players. We must also be clear with ourselves what type of players will make a difference....we have too many lightweights in application....we need a few he
  5. but we keep doing it. we finally get rid of one and sign another.............we should loan everybody to be less risk, such is our judgment.
  6. That has always been a red herring in any era. one thing creates unity.........Winning.
  7. but the same could be said, if we keep signing players riddled with errors.....we will never rebuild.....No the answer is the people who appoint them need to sharpen up and stop dropping clangers....and show evidence that they know what to look for. The manager is responsible for the signings, if he is allowing others to force players on him, more fool him. We have to face up to things......If the required standard is not being achieved with anyone, they have to go. and furthermore if there are no signs of improvement, even more so. If a table maid in the corporate, keeps droppi
  8. are they going to sack Suso twice?
  9. The club has no doubt gone through a tough time with Xia.....and lucky to be alive. but, i don't see the irreparable damage, you mention....However, i do see a long drawn out rebuild, if we keep getting the signings wrong.....or miss out on player opportunities, we should and could be signing. sure in theory, it should get better as we sign players that give us something as opposed to duds. but the bottom line is our ability to sign prudently will be our salvation...or destruction, if we get it consistently wrong.
  10. The argument for time is a vaid one....but not unconditionally....and the next question is time for what? time to improve? he has had 18 months and we look no better, in fact worse. Things do take time, but equally, pockets of incremental improvement along the way, should be noticable, other wise we are just waiting in vain. In theory, we should be getting progressively better.....i will leave that for folks opinions. we can't give every manager 3 years, to discover that the powers that be have made the wrong decision.
  11. " The theme from an unmade silent movie" by Norman "Hurricane" Smith This tune was used for some time...and used on the Tony Butler radio show
  12. The simple answer is sign the right manager.......that is central to any clubs success. and then sign the right players to meet that challenge, that means players who are familar with the " Dark Arts" too, not just champagne players. It really isn't that hard.....but its made hard if we follow the wrong path.
  13. well its all important......but the here and now is crucial as you say.
  14. I understand the point......However, I have never known any team to go in to free fall and folk blame one of the coaches. I have no idea, what John Terry's specific involvement is.....maybe he is not being listened too,maybe he is rubbish ,maybe he's not, just saying. but If John Terry is the problem.....why is the manager, not dealing with it?
  15. I don't know what the club is waiting for....... Divine Intervention. His post match comments was as baffling as the teams performance.....he's lost it. if he ever had it.
  16. Its funny, because, I too thought Leicester was far from special....they just have some pacy players that we can never cope with. I have been here before like many fans have and I see the signs.....the failure to address things months ago, has landed us here and too much is wrong now, McGinn will not reverse this its a collective shambles. We were never set up right for this league, in terms of personnel and approach.....and its all come home to roost.....We are toast. ps I would suspect that performance last night has given every team in the bottom 6, heart.....its beyond belie
  17. I don't know how we CAN preside over this.....something is clearly wrong, its the same every game. The full backs are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard c 20 mill for that pair.....we have some job on. I think the club should be trying to preserve confidence for the championship and make the decsisons now, because we as sure as hell ain't getting out of this.
  18. we are the worst of the bunch....just nothing there.....and the crime is, its got gradually worse, not better. I am not sure, what the club is waiting for.
  19. spot on....and I haven't seen any work on that from game to game all season.......this Horror show has been coming,for months and its not over yet....the sharks smell blood. Dean has no idea how to reverse this and we are just treading water waiting for the inevitable. We need decisive leadership, in all parts of the club.
  20. at one point the camera settled on Dean Smith and his face resembled the Mayor of Hiroshima after the blast. Its almost gone past explainable now.
  21. I agree with the 2 up top, but he is obsessed with wingers.....we are already light in midfield, so I think, he thinks, we can't sacrifice a midfielder for a forward. However, I agree with you 2 up top..... 2 wingers is too many in our predicament..... 1 would suffice, with licence to roam and change flanks, like Morley did.
  22. Many aspects of our defensive capability is woeful....and I am talking whole team here, not just the back line, albeit they are poor positionally too. If we go down....this will be the area, we have failed in.
  23. May I say, a very apt post too Ron. when I was a kid playing full back for the school team, (we won the league for the first time in 35 years) my master used to say to me, before a game....." don't get doing anything fancy, all I want you to do, is stop their winger from crossing the ball" I said is that all, He said just do that and I will be pleased.....I did, and he was. The amount of crosses I see coming in at Villa Park, is criminal.
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