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  1. Tbf mate I was half joking with this comment but it is bad how much these protests have caused some serious sh*t. As I've said before students don't really think do they although I genuinely believe they think they are doing the right thing here.
  2. The best protest yet Dimitri. Its about climate change mate.
  3. Why don't you give it a go in a country not full of gammon Dimitri? Try Saudi Arabia or Syria or something and to top it off record the whole experience. Let's see how much you miss gammonland.
  4. Scousers are quick to forget the Heysel disaster aren't they. Celtic have always been the same as well. Can't stand victim mentality it's weak.
  5. Nah she lost any right to come 'home' the day she left for the reasons she did. As for the IRA thing I've got to be honest I see where your coming from with the Britain's brutality thing. A lot of these terror groups were formed because of the likes of the US and the UK getting involved in other countries issues. Its a twisted subject and I wish none of this sh*t was a thing but unfortunately they are. People will never agree and the circle will never break.
  6. What part of what he said was hateful mate? And I don't hate anyone or anything. I'm a pacifist I respect every walk of life and do all I can to help everybody I can. I have also dabbled in things that can, let's say, alter consciousness and I also listen/read a lot of Buddhist, hindu and tao philosophies Dimitri. I research as much as I can and I don't align with any single political party or 'wing'. That's the start of the division and is also the reason we are in this stupid mess.
  7. This is the danger of you left Dimitri, the lad was DEBATING. You know a discussion where people are allowed to use their freedom of speech. It dangerous what your saying and I genuinely believe the left are one of the main reasons that people become racist, islamophobic etc. We should be able to discuss and critise and if you people don't like what you hear you get nasty. It's pathetic.
  8. These university students think they are a cut above. In my opinion they are just the best followers of a corrupted disgusting system. My missus whilst on her course was preached to with the rest of the classroom on feminism, Marxism, leninism, socialism being the only way to live. Bless her she didn't understand much but when she told me I was shocked to say the least. I wouldn't mind but her course was psychology. University is a breeding ground for the far left.
  9. A Marxist, lying, fake rich boy. At least the rest don't lie about being brought up and educated in Eton the paedophile f**cking psychopaths.
  10. Make sure you do send some down Dimitri lol. Dorian Yates the power lifter from back in the 80s 90s had a life changing experience with ayahuasca. He said a voice told him to stop poisening his body with drink and drugs. Also killed all of his ego. I'd be so nervous to try it as I'm naturally quite pessimistic but I'm far to interested in it to refuse it.
  11. God can't be a person though. Consciousness is a mad thing though, get some Alan Watts in your life, that guy is mind blowing. By the sounds of it Dimitri we share similar views on this. Dmt blows the doors off reality. Its almost as if you go into another dimension or reality. The scary thing is many people have the same kind of experience where they are told by a voice about reality and what it really is. These substances are meant to be taken, we in the Western world overlook these kind of things and make out they are drugs when in actual fact they are probably tools to help
  12. Agreed. People shouldnt use religions, scriptures etc to condone any harm or crime. The Irish in Scotland I can't comment or have an opinion on mate. I know rangers and celtic have there issues as do hearts and hibs but apart from that I don't know. Mad world we live in though. Would be a better place without people as extreme as that sounds lol.
  13. Well put. I think religion is on its last leg altogether tbh, I hope my opinion doesn't offend anyone but I think with how science is progressing at its fastest rate ever and the research of substances like ayahuasca/dmt which gives people real genuine spiritual realisations it surely can't last.
  14. I don't deny you obviously know your sh*t mate. This is where I meet in the middle with you because I also believe that zionism is a 'thing'. I also know all about the rothschilds and the 'conspiracy' surrounding them. I believe they even created Israel (the Israel we know today) but I could be wrong I'm nowhere near educated enough on the subject. I also completely agree that the media tries to turn us against each other. Divide and conquer as they say. BUT I cant help but see that the fact we can't say certain things, or go certain places in this country as it would put our safety in jeopard
  15. https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Top_10_Controversial_Verses_in_the_Qur'an Have a read. Then if you really want to, look for other sources. And before you go there I know the old testament was well known for being barbaric but at least it has been updated. And again we are all aware its a small minority of Muslims, there's good and bad in every walk of life. Just showing you that all is not well or peaceful with all religions not just islam. Not saying they practice these teachings either but they are there.
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