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  1. very close, same type. some animals them presa's

    Saw one a few months back, always read about them and was fascinated what they were like in the flesh so to speak, lo and behold one of our dog handlers told me she had one and bought it into work, f*ck me it looked bloody huge!! Lovely temperament though.

  2. Totally agree mate, pricks like that don't know what they have until its too late, we did the research and like i say are now reaping the rewards, these dogs don't live long and you want to make the most of your time together, and that don't mean pulling em off people. Luckily the only thing we have to dodge is his dribble when he shakes his head lol


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  3. My Mastiff is 9 and a half stone and I'm very conscious of that, i have two kids one a teenager the other 9 years old, He's soft as sh*t, and no I'm not saying that because I'm his owner he is actually so laid back he would fall over given the chance. Education and research of breeds is essential before buying or owning, and i mean any breed however small or large. Simba is 3 now and has been bought up in a controlled but loving family where he knows where he stands in the pecking order, this is key to me a healthy happy dog is one where it knows where it stands and that begins with the owners no-one else.

    put the effort in and you will reap the rewards of the love these animals can give. Whatever the breed.

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