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  1. sounds like a plan, me mate lives in Hamilton so could kip there, let me know the dates bud and i will see if i can make it.
  2. Usually a real ale fan but last month or so found that stella has been my beverage of choice, with a couple of shots at the end of the night to level everything off lol
  3. I found another stella helped me lol
  4. See newcastle are doing the business over Norwich.
  5. I can see Ireland doing this bud, just a feeling in me water.
  6. Not a bad draw to be fair, can see them getting through hopefully.
  7. Villa need one of these as a mascot!!!! f*ck hercules lol
  8. Glad you cleared that up lol, never seen one, lethal in the wrong hands.
  9. Bandog!! In fact scratch that, so theres a set standard for this dog?
  10. is it south african, Boerboul maybe?
  11. Jesus thats a beast!!! Looks a bit like a lab on roids
  12. Wouldn't stop that fucker humping ya leg would ya lol
  13. Saw one a few months back, always read about them and was fascinated what they were like in the flesh so to speak, lo and behold one of our dog handlers told me she had one and bought it into work, f*ck me it looked bloody huge!! Lovely temperament though.
  14. Never thought about them but now you mention it, you would never believe it would you.
  15. Love that post mate. The demographic for ours is around 5 years!! so was really important to get it right with him. We owe them that much don't we.
  16. Totally agree mate, pricks like that don't know what they have until its too late, we did the research and like i say are now reaping the rewards, these dogs don't live long and you want to make the most of your time together, and that don't mean pulling em off people. Luckily the only thing we have to dodge is his dribble when he shakes his head lol
  17. My Mastiff is 9 and a half stone and I'm very conscious of that, i have two kids one a teenager the other 9 years old, He's soft as sh*t, and no I'm not saying that because I'm his owner he is actually so laid back he would fall over given the chance. Education and research of breeds is essential before buying or owning, and i mean any breed however small or large. Simba is 3 now and has been bought up in a controlled but loving family where he knows where he stands in the pecking order, this is key to me a healthy happy dog is one where it knows where it stands and that begins with the owners
  18. See Big Sams gone to Sunderland then!!
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