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  1. Potter from Brighton for me.
  2. What we all saying now ? It's getting worse !!
  3. I go to the Aston Inn, (social) and i get there about 2 hours before kick off, I have a membership card so I don't have to queue to get in.
  4. We always need a scapegoat down the villa, it seems Luiz is the current one !
  5. I rang the ticket office and got through ok.
  6. It was a great afternoon, very weird walking towards the holte with cars parked in the middle of the road outside aston church, specific entry to the holte end etc.
  7. A great team effort with everyone working hard, if only we could do that every week.
  8. Who managed to get tickets ? I'm sat in K4 and paid 45 quid !!
  9. I never expected anything other than a loss, a penalty for them and nothing from the ref for us. The game went as I expected.....
  10. B6!

    Missing Jack

    So yet again Jack is out of tonight’s game against Man City. Every week we are told he’s close to being fit but nothing, is he injured or is he hiding something else ? Is he the premier league player with the pain killer drug addiction ? Thoughts....
  11. PSG said they want nothing to do with it before it all kicked off.
  12. After yet another poor performance without Jack we really are a one man team. Smith has spent a lot of money on transfers but we are a poor team when it comes to changes, No Grealish = No Villa. Smith's lack of ability to change formation and tactics is his weakness so is he the man to take us forward to the vision of our owners or do we look at alternatives ?
  13. I was on about the politics from both Loyalist and Republican sides, both sides are bigots. The old fella with a picture of Bobby S...s on his wall, he was a terrorist. I will never forgive the IRA for their campaign of terrorism in Birmingham, sent my grand mother nuts with worry every time she went to work in the bullring indoor market. But what Celtic did for that kid is incredible, that's what football should be about, that poor kid was born with downes syndrome, he won't get much in life sadly but what they gave him ,Lennon Samaras etc was an unbelievable act of kindness
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