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  1. Still think we need another centre midfielder.
  2. Reina engles - Mings - Hause Freddy Target Luiz Nakamba drinkwater Grealish Samatta
  3. Southampton and Aston Villa have agreed a £14m fee for Matt Targett, rising to £17m including add-ons.
  4. Think its been reported that we will bid 8 million.
  5. would be great if we signed Butland and mings. Would mean a good spine of Butland, Mings, grealish and mcginn.
  6. love this, not talking just about the music LOL!
  7. when did we last win it?!, its so fixed lol but im still watching it LOL!
  8. Love this one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYHsIwCIwiA She is so hot!
  9. Dont think will go down but that has nothing to do with Villa! This is not good enough for a club of Villa size! Lets hope Lerner and Lambert leaves ASAP! Fed up of this crap!
  10. Gabby has been poor this season but im just defending him as i believe other players have been as poor as him so unfair just to blame Gabby!
  11. I never compared Gabby closing down to Weimann i just said Weimann closing down has been a lot worse this season compared to last! I see you have ingorned my point about Gabby being up front for only 2 games this season!
  12. Firstly Wiemann has not done a lot of chasing down this season,last season he did! Secondly that was Gabby 2nd game up front all season i think lol and he scored in the first game he was upfront against Swansea, Gabby has been on the wing most of the season apart from a couple of games so not fair to talk about his stats as a forward.
  13. When has Weimann done that this season?! I must off missed that! Calling a Villa player a c**t is uncalled for :confused:
  14. Im not saying Gabby hasent been bad this season but Weimann has been as bad!
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