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  1. In Australia 'Root' means having a shag. So who stuck their dick in your mouth Dimitri lol
  2. Most of the people in these countries are unaware what is happening in the western world. Their governments only allow certain things to be shown on the TV news. There is no way that reporters are allowed to denigrate their country and politicians. If they did they would suffer the consequences. The western world allows these nutters who kill people to be shown on the tv. Only politicians can sort this sh*t out and that is not going to happen. They are only interested in money and power which is the same as the 'leaders' of these 'religious' Islamic groups. The ordinary person who wants to liv
  3. Weve got a politician over here called Pauline Hanson. Here Political Party is called One Nation. Personally I think she is great and I recently voted for her. She takes a heap of flak from the "do gooders". I cant understand why some people get called racist when all they are trying to do is make the country safe for everyone. I think it is sensible to cut down on certain migrants coming into the country. There are probably heaps of muslims who are sick and tired of these lunatics who 'claim' to be muslims. Trouble is, how can you tell who are the lunatics.
  4. Congratulations to Sofa and his wife on the birth of their baby daughter.
  5. Ha, ha. Obviously a friendly for Aus and their quest for the Asian World Cup. There are probably more Greeks in Melbourne than there are in Greece anyway lol
  6. We like to give people a second chance. Lol I think its preparation for the Asian World Cup Qualifiers
  7. Weve got the opposite over here in Perth Dorset. Bloody bush fires are getting worse every year. There are bloody idiots who start them on purpose. What sort of person does things like that? Its the poor buggers who are left with nothing that I feel sorry for and of course the livestock and local animals that perish in the fires.
  8. Do y'all wanna root! That's the longest foreplay you get over here buddy lol
  9. According to Google search "Which dog bites the most in UK" 1/ Dachshund. 2/ Chihuahua. 3/ Jack Russell. If you are a crap owner, you will have a crap dog. Dogs relate to training. If you leave them to follow their natural instincts - they will. I have a Bull Mastiff and he has been trained by my wife to do exactly what she says. She also trained me. I am not the aggressive b**tard she first met 17 years ago. Training is everything.
  10. Move on mate, it ain't worth it. Why go to prison for them? Just don't judge all women like her.
  11. Anne , you sound like Mr and Mrs George Clooney (Ha, ha)
  12. "Love is in the air, everywhere I look around" lol. Glad you two have made up.
  13. Australia are in a re-building phase and Ange will keep their feet on the ground. This will be a good learning curve and I think we may upset a few teams whilst we are here. C'mon Aussie!
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