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  1. Frustrated how the season is finishing out for us though looking back at the end of the season I will have no complaints with the progress we have made and let's face it any team losing a player like Grealish would suffer massively unless of course your City. Disappointed with how passive we looked again. We're playing with far too much respect and fear of teams when we showed ourselves to be more then capable of taking games to anyone in this league earlier in the season. Of course City will dominate but we were so sloppy when we did have it and surrendered to them from the second we sc
  2. Agree with Stu about bringing a few of the younger guys in. I don't think it needs to be anything radical but we are in a good position to give more minutes to some of the youth prospects and while not the finished article Ramsay has shown enough to hopefully see more of him. It feels like Ramsay is a big moment like a goal away from really igniting his Villa career. Bidace is another player who is highly rated and was given a new contract but he's 19 so this season is the perfect opportunity to give him some minutes and gauge where he is at. In fairness to Smith he seems very proactive with
  3. Without a doubt yes. Like everyone I have been extremely disappointed with recent performances and results and I don't agree with the ahead of schedule or better then we thought we would do argument a reason to excuse our recent dreadful form. We must strive for better then that. However, Smith has done a terrific job and I think it would be absurd to even think about a change. Every time Smith's teams have had a major fault he's addressed it and come back stronger like the huge defensive improvement after the break last season. The team has improved every season and we can't b
  4. Much like the guys have said such a satisfying win and hugely important psychologically to win without Jack I feel. Two changes in midfield made a massive difference with much needed energy to counter how Leeds play. Great team performance.
  5. Love this team. Learn and build from mistakes. Showed real steal and some toughness. Whole team was exceptional but Mings was particularly outstanding. Watkins is going right to the top, what a signing he has been. Good to see a change, Nakamba did well and a bit more proactive with the subs. Great day, UTV!
  6. I agree with this, I honestly feel Villa have kept my sanity in the last few months and have provided some form of normality and positivity when we are bombarded with pure misery and negativity all day. Some footballers really let themselves down over the last few weeks though I understand that some outbreaks could have been much more innocent and unfortunate.
  7. Incredibly proud of the team last night. I honestly feared annihilation when I saw the Liverpool team and I wasn't very impressed with Klopp who came across extremely unsympathetic and I feel he was itching for revenge and a huge drubbing which I'm delighted we denied him. Not one player let themselves down out there and hopefully that leaves them with the hunger for more. The first half response to the goal was terrific and they seemed to learn very fast. Barry looks like he has the x factor, what a superb goal and finish. Reven, Sylla, Rowe, Chrisene, I could carry on and list the w
  8. We don't have the squad depth to deal with this. While I'm not worried about the cup match and would rest the entire team for it anyway my concern and priority would be get the Tottenham match postponed. Main thing of course is that everyone is okay.
  9. Like a few have mentioned, really proud of the team. Couldn't fault them, we deserved something from the match and but for the usual soft peno that United get we might well have. We've more then matched and in most cases beaten the big boys this season. It really is exciting and I can't ever remember going into games like this genuinely believing we could win.
  10. Very good win, was a little bit frustrating until we finished them off but we got the job done. Credit to Traore who looked really up for it today. I don't understand the ridiculous VAR offside lines, I saw a baggies player further forward then Watkins simple as and he needed that goal so a real shame. What a brilliant way to finish off before Christmas, delighted. UTV!
  11. Incredibly frustrating, I thought the game was screaming out for the introduction of Hourihane enabling Grealish to move back onto the wing where he is more effective. Aside from one good free our set pieces were really poor. Deano makes changes far too late, I don't see what Davis can do in a couple of minutes, he had all of 2 or 3 touches. Traore had a few nice flicks but so one footed and he seems incapable of more then about 60 minutes. Matches like last night can happen and maybe just one of those days but we're making a habit of not taking our chances which is worrying. Noth
  12. Couldn't agree more. Smith seems very naive in his approach sometimes and there are times we need to be a bit more pragmatic and not play into the hands of the likes of Leeds and Southampton. The one player who Smith did drop was probably one of the last players I would have left out and while far too early to judge Traore really doesn't feel me with confidence. McGinn and Barkley were really poor and I can't understand why at the very least Smith wont make subs, Hourihane was bang in form before dropped and has something to offer from the bench. Watkins has seemed way off the
  13. Weird season and I think Leeds will do that to a few teams better then us while they will then struggle against much lesser teams. It's just the way they are and maybe we got carried away. However, we never came close to matching their intensity and we didn't change anything when things clearly weren't happening for us. Barkley wasn't fit and Smith alluded to it after Leicester yet he stayed on for the entire match which I can't understand. On another day Grealish would have put that chance away but he over did it like he did on much of his play tonight and we were unlucky with A
  14. Such a pleasing victory. We showed real steel and grit in that match. I thought we were a bit slow to get going but understandable with many players coming back from internationals. Trezeguet was outstanding, I've never seen such improvement in a player. Konsa was Mr Reliable, Grealsih brilliant as ever and what a difference having a calm and reliable keeper makes. On a side note I wonder if anyone saw MOTD2, what a shoddy and lazy 30 seconds of analysis. Wouldn't expect any better from Murphy who has always viewed us with utter contempt.
  15. Yeah ultimately the players let us all down yesterday. Agree regarding El Ghazi , I think there was talk of Olympiacos a few weeks back. The worry is as things there is no way he wont be playing a decent amount of games with injuries, suspensions and the quick turnaround of games. He's started the season poor in contrast to Trez who looks much improved so far though he does have his moments of class.
  16. Really disappointed in some of the players and that we went out. However I entirely support Smith having made so many changes, you could argue that's it's crazy that this competition is even going ahead this year and ultimately we have to focus our efforts on our strong league start as nice and potentially achievable as the cup was. There was nothing in that performance from Traore to suggest he is ready to start in the league and you do worry about some of our backup but realistically players like Lansbury and Jota know they have no place really and we would sell them at the first
  17. Very interesting to see who plays in certain positions alrite with Liverpool on Sunday. Confident we can win this with changes to the team. I'm sure we'll see Ramsay again and players like Traore getting some more minutes.
  18. Really impressed with this signing . I don't think we would could really bring in a higher caliber player then this. Midfield looks really strong and I can't wait to see him in action.
  19. Huge 3 points, was told before we've lost our last 5 games there. Agree with everything here. Thought Watkins worked so hard and got himself into the right positions, never sulks and not afraid of a physical battle. The goals will come if he keeps it up. Trez looks to have worked hard and has started the season really well in fairness to him. Targett still a bit rash and a worry. On the opposite side though I really like the look of Cash, no nonsense from him. Konsa deserves a mention and looks to be improving with every game and delighted to see Ramsay get some time.
  20. Made hard work of it it but a win is a win. Delighted with that start. The penalty save was outstanding from Martinez and he looked very solid. Great debut. Targett still worries me at left back but overall a very good start.
  21. There comes a point when you have to stand firm and try and progress as a club and keep your best players, delighted with the ambition shown by the club. We must make some progress this season and not got involved in any relegation battle, really excited for the season to kick off. Everything is here for us as a club to go on and progress
  22. We seem to be really struggling to get deals done though I do accept it's a very unique transfer window. Hopefully a big few days ahead this week.
  23. Quite possible given the current situation. Celtic have scouted some serious talent over the years. I have no doubt Edouard is more then good enough.
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