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  1. can we have the hull game up please so we can all forget about yesterday? It is like a bad dream this now........ffs we have been humbled by swansea and are hoping for a draw against hull. Sad sad times
  2. Players a disgrace to the shirt and if those on the fence about the current regime havent turned........ffs how low we have fallen
  3. I dont see us going down but next year I am uncertain about. As for getting behind the team. I have spent a fair amount of money, my hard earned money that is in scarce supply to watch a team that doesnt seem to gel. What makes it infuriating is that we all know what they are capable of on the day (Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City etc) yet we never see that passion all of the time. I dont see how the fans are to blame and I understand how it could be seen to be horrible to play at home when the home fans are booing and complaining. But the performances have given us precious little to cheer abo
  4. Sorry, I dont buy into the bullshit that we had to build a squad of 15 players to inject a culture of low pay and low wages. I reject that we have had a budget (£40m on 15 players) and that is why we are sh*t. I reject the optomism that somehow Lambert is not to blame. He picks the squad and organises them. I reject the notion we are sh*t because we have injured players. Before Benteke was injured we were just as bad. I reject the notion that cos we beat Man city, Arsenal and Chelsea we are somehow better than the rest and deserve to be higher in the league when if you take out of the equation
  5. Cannot see how we will survive to be fair. injuries or not we deserve to go down. Just lucky tis all
  6. What a load of sh*t we are. Get lamberk out. t**t
  7. Sweet Especially after the article in the Meaning Evil comparing Mctwat and Lamberk
  8. WTF? The only pipes I smoke have tobacco in them lol! We like to call ourselves the hedgehog and vole preservation group! yes I am a veggie. If it has a face, I dont eat it. and if anybody asks me for a bj I will cut their f**cking meat off lol! Least you know where ali baba gets the saveloys from now! Made me giggle though and the missus will p*ss herself laughing when she sees this lol!
  9. better than the normally good Ocean in Dale End. Yesterday was vile but what do I expect? The Blooose shop used to be at Dale End. Had me a veggie feat on the way back, the lefty veggie t**t that I am lol!
  10. chants of 'we're taking the p*ss' and 'we're winning at home' were great yesterday and reminds me of why to me I can only ever go to the Holte End for games. I like k6 as well as can always get my preferred 'back seat' and stand in comfort. Missus wants to experience the Holte so she will be coming along to the next game. In her brand new away shirt she wants to get cos its pretty. She dont know they do a pink goalie shirt yet.......
  11. little section in the fans photos in memoriam. My programme got ruined as I got soaked after the game. Did anyone hear/ see the two blokes singing after the game moaning that we were all quiet? They made me chuckle
  12. Also fitting tribute to Rawly's Dad in the programme. And a fitting testimony for him as well!
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