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  1. A good manager would have seen this, and not picked players based purely on the media hype around Zaha and Barkley. Good players they are, but Gabby and Delph, even Westwood, have already proven their worth and shown consistency in this league.
  2. It's not the most glamorous of Groups we are in to get in anyway excited tbh. My enthusiasm will only return once we book our place in Brazil. Samba!!!
  3. My bad lol. Saints need a winner though for me, leaving Sunderland needing a win at Spurs next week. Big ask.
  4. f*ck the Baggies our best hope is Tuesday, if that fails we have to do the job ourselves next weekend, no excuses. Saints losing to Sunderland is the worst result of all for us as Next week they play Spurs which won't matter to them now if they lose, and Saints have Stoke at home, that is even more reason to be worried.
  5. They are punching above their weight this season and I never expected them to get anything today in all honesty.
  6. We are right bang in trouble again, seriously. All rests on the Tuesday Night game now, unless a miracle happens in the next 20 minutes
  7. Albion is a home banker imo. Best in the West Midlands my arse!
  8. Credit to Swansea for coming to play in the second half, I was shitting myself at half time, I think we all were. I wouldn't write Wigan off just yet but they looked understandably crushed at the final whistle. Real test of their resolve now, McArthur will be having nightmares all summer long if they do drop.
  9. Even if Wigan draw tonight I could realistically see them getting a draw at Arsenal aswell. If they do win, then alot of sides will have shite theirselves in the tunnel well before kick offs the weekend
  10. Can see it being a draw tonight and the agony will go on at least until next Tuesday. Don't see where the threat is from Swansea now though with no Michu in the side that is the problem
  11. Never wanted Baggies to pick up 3 points so bad in my life than against Norwich, other than against Wigan and look how that turned out!
  12. Oh s**t forgot Newcastle are on 38 aswell, need QPR to give their fans a grand final home farewell. Never thought I would say this but, c'mon 'Arry!!!
  13. The point for Sunderland screwed us abit last night. Realistically Stoke were already on 40 points and not going down due to GD so i would have rather they won, leaving Sunderland needing at least 3 points from 2 games.
  14. Exactly I think our hand is forced there. To outscore Chelsea is going to be a tough ask but a respectable draw 0-0 or 1-1 I would be happy with and believe that would keep us safe.
  15. Southampton need 1 point to go above us, Norwich and Sunderland need 2 due to GD. Newcastle need 3 but need to turn round their GD against QPR which may not be unrealistic tbf We need to put in the defensive effort of our lives on Saturday put it that way
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