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  1. Is it possible we can have a thread that doesn't tune into a political battle, this is "International Football" not "International politics" If you want to discuss politics, racism, national socialism and go knows what else make a thread and knock yourselves out over it.....it's all getting a bit tiresome otherwise. #rantover #hashtagwank*r
  2. I have to strongly disagree with some of the points youve made in your post. how on earth you think Vvvvwh is a appropriate thing to say in this forum I have no idea!!!
  3. Happy Birthday Dorset even though your now D+2! Hope you had a great time with Mrs Dorset!
  4. Commend you for sticking to your believes mate and having the patience of a saint...whilst the rest of us have patience of a Klingon! Since I shall be missing Spuds I shall take a IOU for my pie and pint……and also (possibly) for you giving me ear ache over “there’s another 6 games left!!” rant after Fulham home when I suggested we’d struggle for any more points!! However I will be happy to pay up on that if it you prove to be right! :wow: :wow:
  5. really enjoyable read Peever and glad you had a good time despite the awful football. I'm sure next year you'll get back to back wins to make up for the last few years!! Offer is always open down here to stay over and do the tourist thing. Only have to ask! SEAGULLS!!!
  6. "YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!" :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:
  7. blooming heck that was a long day for you!! I left on 80mins as could not take anymore so made a dash for the station arriving just in time for the 17:28 for Paddington (via Bristol). Walk back on my own was a bit hairy as I was in my Villa coat but to be honest nothing more that i expected! What a dreadful day all round.
  8. I think what was just as painful was that the away faithful were broken too....its very clear we've had enough and we could hardly raise a few songs....much to the delight of a vocal home crowd, that did their team proud. Really was a painful Villa day.
  9. A utter embarrassment today. Had enough and will not be going next week. same mistakes that have plagued us ALL year. Nothing changes really. On the times we attacked today you can see the players holding back, even when space was there to be exploited, they just dawdle and look scared. Out sung by a lively Liberty Stadium, out played by a average team and embarrassed that we are this bad....still. I personally believe we'll be ok...but through no effort of us. Hull may have saved out bacon today. Its a straight bun fight between the bottom 3 who will leap frog Norwich. we wont pick u
  10. I only saw Ron and Delph but Anne says there was a few others.
  11. No. Lots of rumours but I don't have faith in any of them yet Fred.
  12. Tom Ross has said on the radio that Marc Albrighton "went home on his own by train" after the game. Not sure why but will try and find out
  13. I WANTED to be in the stand at 3.06 to show my respect. 96 fans, dads, mums sons and daughter that went to a game never to return. Its not about politics, enquires and who is to blame. Its about football fans dying. Utterly ashamed by those "fans"
  14. Its not the first time its happened. Also at West Ham. Its the mindless idiots that come to a game to get pissed in the concourse. Shameful and embarrassing for everyone else connected with the club. You'd have to of been on a different planet not to of known it was scheduled to happen so don't buy the excuse they didn't know.
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