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  1. Not rocket science is it. They expect the hard working family man to cover the costs of their freeloading.
  2. just sterilise the lot of them and have done with it. let them breed on "need basis" like a working animal, replace the old stock as and when required!!!
  3. fkin townies commenting on issues they know f*ck ALL about.
  4. Haha you pair of buggers. I wouldnt be surprised to see the skirt wearing ginger bastards turning us over. At least they play with pride and passion,, they've got no skill so it doesnt leave them a great deal
  5. I hope your plane gets diverted back to the UK mid flight and you miss your entire game
  6. Anyone that finds either of those two sluts attractive is a retard. I hate jodie marsh with a passion.
  7. Yes she is mate, by a country mile. Kate price is a fkin munter. She was 2 seats in front of me on a plane to cyprus 2005 or 2006 loads of people were pestering her for an autograph. She's nothing but a dirty fkin tramp.
  8. FFS when will the human race learn??? all we do is fight and kill each other over some fkin fairy tales written thousands of years ago!!! There's no Gods looking over us, by the time we all realise this, it'll be too late for mankind. RIP
  9. A few have kept tabs on him for a while if reports are correct. I think you'll do well to keep hold of him in the summer.
  10. Some class feet on him for a taller lad. I was very impressed with him.
  11. maybe we should let china in next year. thats where you got yours from aint it??? someone forgot to feed her on the boat over.
  12. Look on the bright side mate, when we stop thinking with our cocks her indoors has no power over you. I stopped thinking with it years ago, i do what i want when i want She responds to "woman" cant remember the last time i used her name. My lad was 3 years old when he stopped calling her mommy and used woman instead.
  13. You must be totally mental or thick as mice to believe that Klein. Dogs have been cross bred for thousands of years to exaggerate a particular trait to be useful to what ever man has planned for it. a pointer thats never seen a partridge will still "point" naturally because thats what they've been bred to do. A patterdale will be a stubborn little b**tard to train because thats what he's been bred for, stand fast when hopelessly out gunned until the old man arrives to give him a hand. ALL dogs have been bred for purpose, some wont conform to "standard" behaviour but 99% will. If they didnt
  14. Do you let them out the house to sh*t in other peopls gardens???
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