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  1. if we do go down we should use fan power to get rid of literally everyone within the heirarchy. manager and coaches included. boycott games. whatever if takes because if the ppl at the top think going down is a good idea we simply cannot have them in OUR club!!!!
  2. just reitterates the fact we cant go down because we will plummit into obscurity like leeds. hell bradford were a prem team a few years ago!
  3. @ villanation, agree 1000%! this isnt a "bad run" its the worst performances in decades over months! were above the drop for one reason, luck. had swansea and liverpool had their shootin boots on wed be in the drop zone. all the optimists are avoiding reality and the facts. makes me feel insane untill i come across sh*t loads of posts in agreement. their the insane ones!
  4. i agree that these guys would fight but zero experience is a little too far. apart from laursen. hasnt he been coaching?? not saying hes the answer but i love the bloke! last top defender to play in claret n blue.
  5. disillusioned?? look in the mirror matey! eck had the same squad minus the is it 6 additional signings lambert made and kept us up. at least he could get a team to defend! also, we werent playin AS embarresing then as we are now. did we have our heaviest ever defeat under him or lambert? did we lose 3-1 in a semi final to a struggling lge 2 side who lost their last lge game to barnet under him or lambert? eck was sh*t.and was sacked. lambert is shitter and should be sacked. again feel free to pick a false statement out of there. i cant see any
  6. oh and p.s. im under no illusions of top 4 or even top 10. comfortable 12th id b happy with and thats exactly where we should be if we didnt have a mentally hilarious manager
  7. hahahahaha! u makd me laugh! A. Were playing the worst football ive EVER seen us play. B. He had 20+mil to spend and brought mostly dog sh*t palyers. C. regardless of who replaced him could it get any worse? NO. losing to.a.lge 2 side who are struggling and were beaten by barnet on the weekend is as low as it can get. are any of those statements wrong? no can you argue them? no does this make your post void? yes
  8. one thing RDM did most importantly for me at chelsea is this; he gave the players confidence again and went back to basics. it worked and thats EXACTLY what we need now imo
  9. if we lose or even draw with a poor performance lambert MUST go. pleaseeee get RDM in and throw some money at him. he turned chelseas season around big time and i reckon he could do it for us
  10. man we need depth! its difficult enough havin a group of kids but when u get all the injuries on top of a thread bare side its savage! hopefully we can bring some players in and get our currwnt ones bk to fitness as soon as
  11. the team is pure dog turd at the.mo. every team needs a solid spine and we havent got a bean
  12. The manager has to be blamed aswell as the players! Hes ivested poorly and his attitude after the match spoke volumes!!! Seen more passion in a dead goat!
  13. Someone with clarity of mind. Thank f%%k!!!
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