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  1. Gordon Cowans for a interim manager before Hull match, maybe that wakes us up and we´ll beat Hull. But, of course, we must find a decent defense line before that. Defense mistakes cost us today, otherwise it was better than for a long time, especially Westwood and Albrighton.
  2. I think what we just saw was Paul Lambert´s last game as a manager of Aston Villa. That Moyes feeling kept lingering towards me during the last 10 minutes or so. First time this season I actually can see us going down. One draw in six matches. What a disaster.
  3. This is done deal and the other matches look very bad for us. We are in deep, deep trouble.
  4. Decent first half. We are quite lively upwards, sadly couple of big mistakes and a flash of individual brilliance (Shelvey) and we are one down. One point is within our grasp. Go for it, boys !
  5. Well, sensational Shelvey scored a wonder-goal. Guzan-Vlaar did not exactly work...
  6. Or maybe GABBY shreds Swansea !!!? Finally, Gabby !
  7. I can see 3 goals. In our goal. First was there. It IS easy, when you can do it. Bony will shred us to pieces.
  8. I have just two things to say: 1. All the teams under us in the table have changed manager this season. Maybe it´s time for us to join them ? Lambert out. 2. We tried, yes, 5 minutes towards the end. It was too little, too late. How about trying to play the whole game from minute one. *uck this *hit.
  9. That was coming. What is Lambert waiting, Holt is finished, get Weimann/Tonev is for God´s sake. It´s too late, though.
  10. Sorry. Scrappy contest, two boring teams who can do nothing what comes to scoring. It´s 0-0 all over it, or a sad 1-0. After a decent meal and one beer, it was very hard to keep awake. When I´m thinking how important this game is, that tells quite a much. Well, it´s only gonna be better, because worse it surely can´t be.
  11. I fear this is 1-0 or 2-0 to Palace. Just can´t see how we´ll get through that Pulis-organized defense !? With what ? Pulis is boring as hell, but way better what comes to tactics, compared to Lambert. I´d take 0-0 any day. Hoping for better result, of course, but can´t seem it happen. Yes, optimism is leaving me.
  12. Important points, Norwich was poor, so well done boys, you did what was needed.
  13. The one time I won´t be able to watch the first half it´s 4-1. FFS !!! Well, I just got home and watched first half in 15 minutes, now I´m LIVE :-) Fine goals by Benteke, but Agbonlahor-Weimann-Bacuna was the real beauty. That´s what I call scoring ! Hopefully we won´t ruin this lead, we have to remember, that we are playing home...
  14. I must confess, that I haven´t really thought Benteke as a lazy player. But, after today´s "performance" my eyes opened a bit. Today he WAS lazy, no effort whatsoever, lost most of his airballs :-) and so on. I catched myself mumbling a couple of times during today´s game after I saw ball passing untouched in the areas, where there should have been someone to score. If we survive this season, I think, this rebuild should be blown sky high. Couple of souls should be left alone, but there are quite many, who should go. Two seasons are enough to see, who lacks the needed quality, me thinks. L
  15. Poor, well, non-existing finishing cost us points. Gabby should have scored, again, Benteke and Weimann were useless. It was maybe the worst game I´ve seen from Benteke. Vlaar was solid except that one horrible mistake, Baker had a good game. Also Westwood had one of his better games, some goes to El Ahmadi. Delph on the other hand was having not so good go... Where was Albrighton ? Why Sylla plays, we should get rid of him, he is utter garbage. I thank Cisse and Remy for the result not being 3-0. Of course I´m bitterly disappointed when that goal game so near the end, one point af
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