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  1. Which is probably why I still think he might come. Never say Never
  2. Quite right Rich. The squad's big enough, it just lacks quality and experience in depth.
  3. Just heard that he's being allowed to talk to us / other clubs. Don't know the source, my lad's just mentioned that he'd been told at college.
  4. Jelle Vossen http://metro.co.uk/2014/01/21/jelle-vossen-may-follow-christian-benteke-from-genk-to-aston-villa-4271542/ Would like this to happen.
  5. http://metro.co.uk/2014/01/23/aston-villa-close-in-on-loan-deal-for-barcelona-wonderkid-jean-marie-dongou-4274603/
  6. Wasn't the same said about Robbie Keene, too?
  7. It looked as if a few players got there mojo back last night. Lowton had a very good game, particularly in the second half. Luna had his best game for several weeks, if not months. We started off with a 5-3-2 and seemed to be holding our own. When Baker went off we went to 4-4-2 and they scored their 2 goals We were excellent in the second half. Apart from the goals Guzan had very little to do, which is a measure of how well Vlaar and Clark did, too.
  8. I said at the time we shouldn't have got rid. Not the best, but reliable and not much got past him
  9. They're responsible for, possibly, the worst Villa song ever: "I don't care about ................. All I care about ...................." Not only is it a s**t song, it's a s**t blues song. So, maybe, they deserve all that comes :D
  10. Let's not forget this is an inform albion, Rich.
  11. If we're honest you could be talking about on here :whistling: The problem with facebook, twitter, and the like, is that not all posters are not always followers of the clubs/players they're slating.
  12. I've never been worried. From the first game, through the Nightmare at Christmas right up until the last game, I have remained positive. Why? Because I believe. When we were struggling, Lambert kept faith in the players and the way we played. That in turn gave the players belief.
  13. Think I've mentioned it before, but it would almost be worth losing to Wigan to see Newcastle go down :whistling:
  14. How do you think Houghton will set up? Will he go for the win, and risk losing? Or, will he aim not to lose?
  15. You are right, non of those games will be easy. There are no easy games in the Prem. We seem to have found our confidence again, where as Sunderland, in particular, seem to have lost theirs. We can't afford to be complacent in any of them. In fairness I can't see that happening. The confidence in the team is rubbing off onto the support as well, this can only be even better for the team.
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