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  1. I don't think I've ever watched this Villa side and thought that they don't care. I think it's simply down to the fact that they're not very good footballers and they're set up by a tactically inept manager. We didn't lose this match because of what Lambert said, nor did we lose it because we wanted to. We lost it because we weren't good enough against a side 18th in League One.
  2. The funny thing is, after our equaliser they got in behind us twice and both times smashed it into the north stand. They got in again and scored. It's ridiculous that at that stage of the game they were the only ones who looked like winning it. Having slept on it my mood still hasn't improved. Lambert is building up an impressive list of humiliations. Our heaviest defeat Our most embarrassing defeat Two FA Cup calamities Horrendous home form Enough is enough.
  3. The only people I know who try to defend Lambert are those that never watch us. Make of that what you will.
  4. I didn't realise that was still a thing.
  5. Me, loyal, B6 and rawly each had a row to ourselves in K4... As we said in the Addies pre match, if only we'd heard Lambert's comments before buying a ticket!
  6. I had TalkSport on the radio on the way home... They claimed that the shock of the day took place at Villa Park... I felt confused, as I didn't remember seeing us win...
  7. That has to go down as one of the most depressing days I've ever had at Villa Park. I could barely be arsed to get out of bed this morning and I really wish I hadn't. Lambert out.
  8. If we lose tomorrow it'll be the final straw for me, especially after those comments.
  9. Took the words out of my mouth there mate.
  10. Back to the football... If I was a Swansea fan I'd be very concerned that my team had that much of the ball and wasn't able to win the game. For all of their possession I really didn't feel too threatened by them and we were rarely under the cosh... It was just a really drab game, especially second half.
  11. I make my own sandwiches. I won't be paying those inflated prices.
  12. Almost nodded off there... Jesus Christ... Ah well, it was exactly what I was expecting... Beer me.
  13. We're gonna nick this... I backed us at 9/2 just before Kozak came on...
  14. The game has gone exactly as I expected it to. I thought we started really well and the first fifteen minutes were excellent. The tempo was good, we were closing down, we were aggressive and on the front foot. We got the goal and the crowd were up, but then Swansea settled into their rhythm and from then on it only seemed a matter of time before we conceded. We've picked up our best results this season in games like this when we've had next to nothing of the ball and have looked to pick the other team off on the counter attack. I'd like to see Kozak second half to give us a focal point up
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