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  1. I'm done. I can't keep feeling like this, it's like an abusive relationship. It's affecting my relationships with my other half and kids it's got that bad. Can't do it anymore.
  2. This will be a cricket score. Same old sh*t. God how people moaned a about O'Neill but what I'd do to have those days back
  3. The morning after and I still feel shitty about this game. Being a Villa fan is seriously bad for your mental health. Our last good manager was O'Neill and that was ten years ago now. Christ. He got us up for each and every game without fail. We took a lot of points from top four teams. Many criticised his signings, but you can't argue with his results. And we never sat back and rolled over and accepted our fate. Pathetic performance. Might have to take a break from football.
  4. Please for christ sake go all out for Benitez in the summer.
  5. If Steve Bruce was in charge of that game for us he'd be absolutely crucified and rightly so. Why is it that Smith seems to grt a free pass every game? We've been dog sh*t. To me it's evident that we're going nowhere but down. Suso's signings have been dire. Smith's tactics have been dire. No passion, no commitment, no tactics, no chance.
  6. I'm optimistic. With the break we've had, a game in hand and McGinn back, it's in our own hands. Deeney won't play for Watford - everyone knows how influential he is for them. Bournemouth have had a few positive covid tests. Norwich have looked poor all season, Wet Spam and Brighton not much better.
  7. Jack's '70mill transfer' was never on. Bored of the link now. United think they can bully clubs into selling players, and it wouldn't surprise me if they were the ones feeding the papers.
  8. JustRich


    I think they'll play out the end of this season whenever feasible, if that means playing the remaining fixtures and jumping straight into the following season with little or no break, then so be it. Money talks. I'm against scrapping the season BUT if things continue for too long there's no other option. Ending the season with current standings just isn't right on any team and I can't see a vote being passed for it
  9. Smith won't be sacked. Purslow is adamant to keep him on. At every fan forum he does he talks about how smith is a Villa fan, building for the future blah blah blah. Problem with that is that we need to stay up right now. Not in 5 years.
  10. Aii I remember that, wanted 50mill to spend and got rejected. Beginning of our end.
  11. Yeah I saw him on sky saying that he'd love to come back to the premier league but he intends to stick it out over there until his contract has finished. Him and Purslow have history, I just can't help but think he's almost destined for us. Do I think he'd have this squad performing better? Absolutely.
  12. Bring Rafa in. Master tactician.
  13. Genuinely think he's out of his depth in this league. Look at where Brentford are now without him?!
  14. I was thinking about this. I think after the next Watford game could be the decider. They'll allow us to play through teams around us/bottom half, and I'd we've still not picked it up, especially with Mings back soon. Then I think Purslow will pull the trigger. I said at the time, giving Smith a 4 year dear part way through the season was odd. I stand by that, and now looks just plain bizarre
  15. I feel so depleted after today. We've been crap for weeks and absolutely nothing has changed. The formation hasn't changed, the team hasn't changed, the tactics haven't changed. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect change.
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