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  1. The media are currently picking our team apart. Grealish and McGinn now being linked with moves away.
  2. I thought this would happen after I heard Watford had signed Rose.
  3. Let’s hope it gets back to the norm ASAP! Can’t wait to get back!
  4. Fair play mate! What a day for you! Sat in the front room watching it today and was buzzing to see some fans back!
  5. What an end to the season! Nakamba superb as was Target! I feel for target as England have so many decent left backs right now. Good to see Jack get 90 under his belt. Ready for the euros.
  6. Good result! could have been more to us! it’s a shame the young lad never scored. 52 points though! Well happy!
  7. As much as many slate him on social media we really missed Mings today. I personally think he would have dealt with that Bentekke goal. He also has a lot of pace and would have prevented a lot of those palace attacks. we also missed Cash. I like Elmo as he has been a good servant of the club, but he has defo past his best.
  8. Not used to these early kick offs! 4 cans in! Shouting at the tv! The dog keeps barking at me lol! We started well, but seem to go missing in patches and invite the pressure on.
  9. Players seem to be feeling the burn now. Despite how boring it was it was a good point considering no Ollie and no jack for 70 minutes.
  10. Why do we always give this lot a penalty! United really did look out of sorts! Yet a stupid decision opens the door for them.
  11. Hopefully there isn’t any protests at this one as want to sit and watch this on Sunday.
  12. Nice to see that we aren’t already on the beach as many keep saying. let’s hope we can have a few more good results over the next 5 games. A top 10 finish would be great.
  13. the whole thing is ridiculous. it’s disrespectful to the fans.
  14. We were p*ss poor for 78 minutes! make some attacking subs and had a very entertaining end to the game. I honestly thought we were well beat at 1-0. FairPlay to the subs that came on as they all went for it.
  15. We won’t see him again this season. We are lucky to be in a good points position. Although the others should really be able to cope without him.
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