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  1. Hopefully there isn’t any protests at this one as want to sit and watch this on Sunday.
  2. Nice to see that we aren’t already on the beach as many keep saying. let’s hope we can have a few more good results over the next 5 games. A top 10 finish would be great.
  3. the whole thing is ridiculous. it’s disrespectful to the fans.
  4. We were p*ss poor for 78 minutes! make some attacking subs and had a very entertaining end to the game. I honestly thought we were well beat at 1-0. FairPlay to the subs that came on as they all went for it.
  5. We won’t see him again this season. We are lucky to be in a good points position. Although the others should really be able to cope without him.
  6. In all fairness to Cash he slid to block a cross and his trailing leg caught Kane who positioned himself to take a hit. Kane earlier in the game rolled around screaming from a tackle and when the replay showed the incident there was no contact. I find it hard to accept how this goes unnoticed and all the pundits just blow smoke up his ass. sounds harsh but it’s a-shame that his little effort there against cash didn’t put him on the side lines for a few weeks.
  7. How can a penalty be awarded when the ball has gone out of play 🤬
  8. It would be nice if people could put the past behind them and look to move forward. just get out there and play the football, enjoy the football rivalry without the politics.
  9. Doesn’t sound like jack will be available. I’m starting to worry about how injury prone the lad is. spurs are off the back of two poor results! Let’s hope they are deflated
  10. I just hope we don’t spend big money on Barkley. I would rather go for a player like ward prowse.
  11. Good to see Watkins on the score sheet. Shame to concede at the end like that. But another point on the board.
  12. I honestly don’t think Europe would be good for us next season. We are still in the process of rebuilding our premier league status. I would be more that happy with 10th.
  13. It’s a good point for us on that second half display.
  14. we look fitter than wolves here. The only real threat I can see is Neto. Can’t believe we have hit the bar twice. I won’t lie! I would take a draw.
  15. I was surprised he stuck with the same team. I think the players have suffered with a bit of burn out due to the amount of games we played in such a short period. I honestly expected to see Doug and bark back starting tonight. it’s gutting to see such a poor result when we know we can do better. I know we are in a much better position than last season, but a lot of money had been invested since then.
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