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  1. They are defo looking better. More emery in the performances and looking fitter. When the penny does drop we will be dangerous.
  2. Rafa sacked. I was hoping they would keep him for this one lol.
  3. First half performance was so frustrating. The way we are conceding at the moment is ridiculous. Pleased we never gave up and managed to salvage a point. The one positive I can see at the moment is that we never give up.
  4. It was good to see us battle for that last night. The stats showed we had more possession than them. Just a shame we didn’t take our chances. Was gutted for Watkins when he hit the bar as that was some real quality.
  5. Can’t really say I have ever paid any attention to him so don’t really know if he is quality or not. All the pundits seem to think it’s a good move. I guess it adds competition for the left back spot.
  6. Was very disappointing. Dominated a lot of the play without really creating anything. I think we have a lot of dross in this team.
  7. Just as we look to have found our feet again this happens. going to be a boring Christmas this year as I can’t see any games going ahead.
  8. I heard on the radio last night that we have covid in the squad.
  9. Beat by a penalty. Not bad considering the current form of Liverpool. Probably a bit hard done by with the penalty shouts for us.
  10. That Leicester keeper is a cheat! Every time I have seen him concede this season he goes starts crying! Can’t believe he got away with that! One hand barely on the ball and the goal gets ruled off! I could understand if it was kicked out of both hands.
  11. What a result! very tough run in ahead though.
  12. Fantastic start. I was tempted to buy a ticket for this and drive up but was far too lazy! Now I wish I had as must have been rocking at villa park.
  13. I hope you had a little bet on that 😂
  14. Says he is a Celtic supporter. Can’t see it myself. Just another very angry Rangers fan.
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